I eat Cadbury eggs in ONE bite.

Hey all!

I have totally fallen of the blogging wagon. I think it may be in effort to keep my rather dull life under wraps. That’s not true. My life hasn’t been dull. I guess I feel a bit like a fraud since I haven’t been anywhere lately. “Where in the WORLD is Schanell”…. well Denver still. Lame.

I think I may start making up imaginary trips/adventures I have been on…. then tell you about them. No. That’s even more lame. Gosh.

I am learning a lot about myself lately. For example I have learned that I am the most selfish, stubborn, abrasive person I know or any of you know. So there is no need to tell me that to my face anymore. Point taken. Come to think of it, I actually just think that I say what everyone else wishes they could say. So you’re welcome.

In the spirit of self improvement, based on all the great feedback on my “awesomeness” I re-evaluated my Myers-Briggs Personality results. I’m a ISTJ. It says I should be a librarian, military officer, IRS agent, or teacher (just to name a few). Ummmm sweet. I’ll get right on that. If you have never done the Myers-Briggs before…. you should. Activity Time!! See I’d be a great teacher. Ha.


1. My friend Leah had her baby!! I get to go visit her in like  30 minutes. So excited.

2. I’m getting a tattoo. Yes. Gross. I’m THAT girl. Makin my parents proud.

3. I am planning a big event. You are all going to have wait for that goodness.

4. I only drink decaf coffee now. It’s kinda a big deal.

5. Can I borrow someone’s kid to go on a Easter Egg hunt next weekend?? Thanks

Later people. cadburyYum.

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I am a BANANA!!!!!


I got these sweet shades from my co-worker for Christmas. Badass.

Watch this …. yes it’s old school, but I think it’s hilarious.

Happy Holiday’s/Happy New Year!!!!! It was a good and crazy couple of weeks and now it’s 2013.

A friend of mine said I should blog about something deep and profound. Nope. I got nothing…. So I will tell you a pointless story.

Random Story Time:

I had this English teacher in High School. Her name was Dottie Davis, or Mrs. Davis. Whatever. I didn’t like her much. No I take that back… I didn’t like her at all. I’m sure if she ever read this blog she would feel like a failure of a teacher. Do I have to explain why? (my grammar and spelling is terrible). Muahahaha.

Anyways… she once accused me of cheating on some stupid assignment. Of course I didn’t cheat. I suck at lying. Probably because I have the memory of a 67 year old woman. So if I were to construct a web of lies I would eventually forget the original lie and get stuck in my own web-o-shit. Where am I going with this???? Oh man I forgot the whole point of this story…. watch this. Call me Dory. Short term memory loss. Check.

I JUST found out that Dory is Ellen DeGeneres!!! I want to go to her show REAL bad. I’m going to make that happen.

Hmm…. well this post is dumb. Once again.

Have fun with those New Year Resolutions. Start CrossFit. Surround yourself with people that don’t suck the life out of you. Pick up a new nickname like my personal fav Sch-nay-nay. Dance often. Be random. Try REAL hard to stop caring what others think about you. Say what’s on your mind.



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Put a fork in me……


This blog is certainly going to bite the big one…. No but really. If you just want to scroll to the bottom and watch the FRIDAY video. Do that. The rest of this post is just useless chatter to make me feel…. well less useless (half kidding).

Ready??? Cool. I’m not. “I’m in a glass cage of emotion!!!”—->Anchorman …. True. Laughing? I am.

Starting a sentence…..

Thanksgiving happened. Fried turkey hillbilly happiness happened. It was EPIC. It is December tomorrow. That means… Christmas music, sledding, ice skating, CrossFit (well that’s a given everyday of the year), Aunt Sharon Christmas cookie decorating, Neiderworder Family Christmas Party, snow?, Friends/Family… you get the point.

Who likes Christmas music? I like this gem—-> Grandma Got Ran Over by a Raindeer….. Hilarious.

Quote: Read it.

“To me, there are three things we all should do every day. We should do this every day of our lives. Number one is laugh. You should laugh every day. Number two is think. You should spend some time in thought. And number three is, you should have your emotions moved to tears, could be happiness or joy. But think about it. If you laugh, you think, and you cry, that’s a full day. That’s a heck of a day. You do that seven days a week, you’re going to have something special.”-Jim Valvano

I guess you could say I have had a heck of a day…. how about you?

Ok Happy Friday.<—— Watch this. Dance. Repeat.

I just ate an apple as big as a softball. AMAZING. Oh Kazakhstan… How I miss your apples (That’s just weird Schanell… just plain weird).

…… I’m done.

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Irregardless is not a word… but totally should be.

How is it Thanksgiving tomorrow? Where is the cool weather and snow? It was 70 degrees today. Crazy. I actually bought snow shoes this year in attempt to be more like a native Coloradan and have yet to use them.  What a bummer. What is everyone up to for Turkey Day? Mr. Neiderworder is going to deep fry some turkey. That should be delicious. I think we should make bacon wrapped deep fried turkey. Or this!!! YUM. What do you think pops?

Quote worth sharing:

“If you’re not living on the edge, you are taking up too much room”….. anonymous

What else? Oh I tried to make sweet potato soup and it was an epic fail. I literally threw up in my mouth when I smelled it cooking this afternoon. Yuck.

I also have WebMD’d myself as having chronic foot in mouth disease. I need help, a mouth filter, or a brain. Suggestions?

Ok Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

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Yep….that just happened.

2012 Mom/Daughter weekend in California was REAL nice. Makes coming back to work REAL hard. Womp Womp… I know what ya’ll are thinking. So I am done.


1. I should really stop writing blogs when I am tired, hungry, or have been to the dentist within the past 24 hours.

2. Remember cookie dough blizzards from Dairy Queen? Yum. I used to eat the ice cream and spit out the cookie dough. Then eat the entire heap of dough at the end. It was magical. I think I was a wiser person as a child…. I should try that whole delayed gratification thing more often.

3. It’s my dad’s BDAY on Tuesday!! If you see him… put your arm around his neck then give him a noogie. He will LOOOOVE that.

4. I got pulled over for the first time this week. Yep. That happened. I wasn’t using my blinker, like always, AND to top it off my insurance card was expired…. (not) so funny is that my dad gave me my new insurance card on Monday… I said “thanks!”… set it down on the kitchen table and  left it in Castle Rock. Special. What does that mean? Mandatory court date on Dec. 20th. Merry Christmas. Unbelievable. : ) My dad and I sure got a good laugh out of it….

I will leave you with this photo. This is, Shanelly, my inner child. I want to be like her EVERYDAY.

Have a good weekend!

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Never Never Land.

It is 3:30 am…. Possibly the worst time to write a blog. I also decided that brussels sprouts sounded tasty at this hour. Gross. I may vomit. Too much information. I know.


Sometimes I have the urge to be a passive aggressive blogger, but I don’t have the cojones to pull it off without an extreme amount of guilt. So I just have this internal dialogue with myself, laugh a bit, maybe cry (not really),  then think of something else to write about. Real cool Schanell. Real cool.

Here’s a useful tip: Do not EVER read your previous blog posts. It is a surefire way to feel like a huge blabbering nincompoop (I just googled that word…it does indeed exist). I would like to delete them all due to the sheer amount of incriminating/embarrassing information…. that will be next on my agenda after writing this pointless blog entry.

I going to the Butte again tomorrow. I love it there. I am typically not a fan of going to the same place multiple times a year, but I am obsessed.

It’s 4pm now and I still haven’t finished this blog.   I am drinking a almond milk latte at  Wash Perk listening (eavesdropping) on some really awkward Match.com date disaster in the making bahahahahah. Oh love. You make us do funny things.

I am feeling pressure to make this a good post, but I am literally so tired I can feel my heart beating in my chest. That is weird. I should probably go drink some water. Naw. More coffee!!!

Guess what!?! My friend and sister from another mother is a certified laughing yoga teacher… add that random goodness to your resume. It was also her birthday yesterday! Boooya.

Here’s a Peace Corp Kazakhstan Halloween Flashback Moment…. We were Kazakh school children. Oh boy.


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I’m a big kid now…..

I am. That’s all.

I am trying to get better at blogging regularly… This has proven to be difficult due to the lack of good topics to write about. How about a typical Schanell day. This will be boring.

7am: Get off work.

730am: Workout with Leslie.

8am: Drink Coffee at Wash Perk

9-12: Attempt to sleep, get pissed when I can’t sleep, get up, and drink more coffee.

12-3: Golf, rollerblade, play basketball, read, write, go to goodwill, meet people for coffee, break rules, change lives, ponder the meaning of life……

3-5: Who knows… Bring the sexy back to sleep deprivation??

5-8: Coach Crossfit. Love it.

8-830: Eat.

830-9: Talk to my pops while driving to work. Try to limit the use of the f word. Whoops.

9pm-12am: Learn how to rap, dance, and watch youtube videos…..work some…

12am-7: Work….zzzzz

That is my day.

Wow. I need to travel somewhere immediately. Hmmmmm…….

Happy Snow Day 🙂

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And the winner is…..

There is no rule that says one should not post a blog twice in one week. If there is…well that’s just dumb.

I had asked my readers to send me a photo of something in their daily life (I act like I have a following…which I do not…just people I force to read my blog). I got two photos…. One of a beautiful Boston sunset (thanks Rose) and this random goodness below. I just could not wait to post this picture. Thank you Abby Menter for my morning coffee…..


On a more serious note… Read “Love Does” by Bob Goff.

Happy Friday!!! Who wants to get out of Denver tomorrow?!?!?! I need some mountains in my life.

I wonder how many …….. I can put in a blog. Oh English… how I love thee : )



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I just threw up a little in my mouth….

I literally have nothing good to write about. This is a fact. Apart from the fact that I loathe WebMD. I do. I think that its sole purpose to give unsuspecting citizens, like myself, a hypochondriac-like panic attack. Those are special. I convinced myself I had meningitis the other day. Don’t worry… I’m not contagious. Nor do I have meningitis.

Gosh I am bored just writing this… I bet you are bored reading it. Too bad. Keep reading….

Guess what!? I competed in my first CrossFit Comp. It was fun. My mom said, “You paid to do this?”. Yes mom I did. I got a ‘free’ t-shirt out of it. I also got lots of bruises (what a gross photo)…. and collected many fond memories…. of course. Leslie-Britt…. Ya’ll rock.

Ok so go buy chocolate coco butter…. It has changed my life. All I talk about is food and how it changed my life. We had a kid at my work the other day ask me if I was going to send her to juvi… I said ‘No’. I changed her life…. and she stopped crying. Thank goodness.

Take a random photo of something you encounter during your day and send it to me at schanell5@gmail.com … Do it. Please?

See ya later.

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NOT everything you THINK is TRUE.

I’m a big fan of fly-fishing, rugby, golf, rodeos, witnessing miracles, football, stories, lifting heavy things, values, iced almond milk lattes, and four hour conversations with good friends.  Just to name a few.

I am also a big fan of this friend of mine that I had the opportunity to catch up with yesterday. (I once completely dogged him in a blog, cuz I’m a jerk…so now I am going to brag about him… I will try not to be annoyingly annoying).

Anyways… this friend had a building fall on him. A real BIG building. Crazy, right? Well it’s been 3 years this month since that happened and now he is back at it. Even more crazy, right?

Just so I have proof that I said it…”He is going to write a book and be famous. I am convinced of this. Then open a dude ranch”. Quoted.  Why do they call it a dude ranch? I’ll google it. <—- These are all my predications so I’ll keep you posted.

Well he has handled it like a champ and it has been super cool to witness that miracle in action. Yep buddy you’re a miracle.

Learning nugget from this brag moment: If we only focus on how far we have to go all the time we would be overwhelmed by the enormous distance left to travel, but when we can get excited on how far we have come it changes things. That perspective shift can give us hope. Hope is good. REALLL good. That makes sense right? It does in my head. I can’t blame my bad grammar/lack of clarity on  lack of sleep considering it 3 o’clock in the afternoon. Dang it.

Guess what. I received ONE sunset photo message (request from previous blog). Thanks mom. The rest of you need to get on it. Deal?

CORRECTION: I got four photos…. Thanks Holly, Rodin, and Pops. : )

Rock on!

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