You Matter.

Story time: It was freshmen year at UCF and my roommate/teammate and I had been searching for a church and she mentioned she found one that we should try.  At the time Summit Church was meeting in a school cafeteria; Isaac was the pastor and we instantly felt connected to the Summit community. Freshmen year was rough and I remember days just feeling blah. Our volleyball team was struggling and I am pretty sure we lost EVERY game that year. Rough. The weeks that we were in town we made sure to go to church and hear Isaac preach. He would always say, “Relationships matter. Truth matters. What you do with your life matters. You matter”. Those words, the relationships built, and the truth spoken during that time profoundly impacted my life.

My pastor Isaac took his life a couple weeks ago. There is a lot more to why and all that jazz, but I just want to land on one point. I am saddened that he forgot that he mattered. Here are some blog posts that are way better then mine on Isaac:

This. and/or this. Then watch this.

I guess I say all this to remind you that YOU MATTER. So much.


It’s Christmas time so I will try to wrap this up in a nice way, but did you know that Colorado has the highest suicide rate in the country? Yep. Read about it here…….

Okay so TODAY and everyday try to remind someone that they matter. Deal?

Okay I will now awkwardly attempt to change the subject….

Hope everyone has a good Christmas!

You are welcome for the poor grammar and spelling.

Word to the wise… Don’t do a hang clean at your max weight without proper form. I need a chiropractor and a brain.

Oh and Moe… I don’t think you read my blog, but thanks for encouraging me to go to church that Sunday.

Santa and I in Israel….


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2 Responses to You Matter.

  1. Rosalie says:

    Thanks Schanell for the special reminder. Merry Christmas and so sorry for your loss.

  2. Susan says:

    Very inspiring, Schanell! I’m sad to hear about Isaac; I hope he’s found peace.
    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

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