Go to Israel.

Remember those pop-up books that we had as kids?  Well imagine that in real life except with the Bible and that is sorta what a trip Israel is like. Literally each day we stood, walked, worshiped, and prayed right where it all took place. It was amazing. That doesn’t even begin to describe the whole experience, but it’s the best I got right now. If you want the non-cliff notes version then we can get coffee and I’ll tell you all about it. Deal?

On a related note, I need to get some good pictures from that trip. I took silly photos and videos on my Iphone and just figured I would download everyone else’s quality photos; however, that has yet to happen so here are some of my silly shots: (Sorry if you follow me on Instagram, because these are the same photos).

564034_10102548541908432_789938357_nRolling Stones…. get it?

My old man turned the big 57 in ISRAEL!! That is real cool.


Aunty Marie and I….. somewhere??

My new friend Annie and I.


Best mustache of all time…


En Gedi Falls with the Pops.
1457533_10102548544253732_1987641890_nMy new job….


Hey where is Chuck??? Bobble head!!
1470391_10102548540136982_762025626_nThe whole crew. Trip of a lifetime.

Now onto the next adventure!

For now that looks like finding a new place to live because my landlord is selling the house!?!?!? Sad. Driving my new 4wd in the mountains during wintertime because I got in a nice little wreck… poor Scotty…. Crested Butte here I come!


And likely some other adventures that have yet to be confirmed.  Stay tuned.


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