Life is more like a pinata than a box of chocolates….

Hey people. How are you? Have you missed me? Yeah I didn’t think so.

Big things are happening!! After a whole year and a half of working graveyards, I have moved back to the land of the living. It is amazing to sleep in the nighttime. Well its nice to just sleep. I have taken the foil off my windows, so my neighbors no longer think I am a weirdo. Well maybe they do? I also got internet! Movin on up…. too bad I never use it.  The fact is that change is a comin. We all know how much I love change… NOT. Other recent changes…  I’m a year older. I shaved 1.5 minutes off my Diane time in less than a month, and I am not engaged anymore. (Sorry I was still getting congrats just today and I need to let the masses know somehow)…. Tacky. Less tacky then a Facebook post. Whatever. Most importantly… my pops got me a espresso maker for my world emergence day (birthday). It has changed my life. Well actually it’s killed my social life, but who needs one of those anyways.

You might be wondering why I think life is like a pinata, or you might not. If you are, continue reading…If not, have a good day : )

Remember when you were a kid and got ready to play the pinata game at some kids birthday? Remember the anticipation of gathering all of the delicious candy off of the ground after someone successfully whacked the crap out of the pinata. Well as we all know it can be quite the hassle to get that pesky thing to break open. Often times it takes all of the kids whaling on the pinata multiple times for the darn thing to break open. However, when it does it is so awesome. Right?  How lame would it be if the parents, after many failed attempts, just stepped in and broke the pinata open with their hands and dumped out the candy. That spoils all of the fun.

Well I am learning that life is sorta like a game of pinata. Often times we try and fail. We get frustrated when it feels like there is no progress being made. Or maybe we kinda feel like the pinata, taking whack after whack. You get the point. The really cool thing is that sooner (and, unfortunately, sometimes much later) the pinata breaks open. Whatever you may have been battling against or enduring is finally resolved and you understand what all of the struggle was for. So if your facing something that just seems like it will never be resolved or you feel like life is dealing some blows, just keep truckin along. Sooner or later things will sort themselves out.

Enough rambling from me… go out and do something fun.  Like rollerblading. Rollerblading through Denver is REAL fun. Dangerous. But fun.



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3 Responses to Life is more like a pinata than a box of chocolates….

  1. Teri Owen says:

    LOVE THIS!!!! Wish we could have seen you while we were in Denver — until next time, I guess!!! Happy Espresso Making!!!! 🙂

  2. Auntie Sharon says:

    I like your analogy. It is really a great example for life. We all get mired down in a funk and sometimes one just has to break loose and gather up our strengths and move-on. Glad you are now working days and oh my, a coffee machine. You are moving up in the world. Don’t forget your friends, though. They need your enlightment!!!!!

  3. Aunt Mary says:

    Love this…just listened to a sermon about waiting…praise instead of complain…wow sometimes a hard thing to do…happy for you to be working in the daylight hours!!! take care and keep sharing!!!

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