She’s a brick house…..

I think I would write more blogs if I didn’t think I would offend half the people I know. So I zip it up and just think about it. Well probably tell my pops about it…. then delete it from my ‘blog’ options. Yes… I think about what to blog a lot.

I need to get a life. 

I had an epiphany the other day.  Ready for this let down??? So….I was going on and on to my pops about how someone I know should go and try something and stop waiting for everything to be perfect blah blah blah (<—-this is the crap that will offend people).  Then I stopped and realized that most of the advice/crap I dish out I should probably listen to myself. Yuppp. I am a big projector-o-stuff-I-should-do-myself. Way to be Schanell. Golly. 

Oh more exciting news…. I found out where my people are from! Whoop. Ok no Leasa Weimer, my cool cousin, emailed me our family genealogy awhile back. Turns out that my great great great grandparents are from Trondheim, Norway. So I’m basically a Viking. Ok maybe not; however, it accounts for my man-hands and my brick-house shoulders. That is just weird to say. I am going to go there after the Israel trip. Stoked. Do I have any friends/family living there?? Holler at me if you live there and reading this blog. Please? I will visit! We will have fun!

Most exciting news!!! Leasa Weimer had a baby girl!!! Aspen is her name and I am so exited to meet her!!! I would have inserted a picture, but didn’t want to without permission. She’s really cute… I may have to pay royalties and we all know I can’t afford that : ) I am technically her second cousin, but that is boring to say. So I am the cool aunt. I am no longer the youngin in the family either!! Oohhh yeah I feel a wrinkle comin on. 

Yay for horrible grammar and spelling and blogging skills altogether. Bring it up with my editor. 

Advice of the week: Do NOT do 10 minutes of consecutive handstands. It hurts REAL bad. I’m only smiling for the photo. Promise. 

Keep it classy. 


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