When reality shows become reality…

I am at a new coffee shop. It’s about 100 degrees. I’m sitting in direct sunlight. I ordered a hot americano. Winning. This place is cool though (in the non-literal sense of course). It’s called Black Eye Coffee Shop. I’ve always wanted a black eye. That would be badass. I digress. Check it out. It’s in the Highlands.

I have to admit something.  I watch the Bachelor and Bachelorette. Lame I know.  A new season just started and I watched the first episode last Tuesday. I am usually amped to watch this show on Hulu, but about two minutes into the first episode I noticed my feelings about this show have changed. Why you ask? Well relationships are no joke. Entering into them with ‘stupid-tinted’ glasses is just silly. Yes. I am saying that Desiree (the new bachelorette) is in love la la land. These dudes are basic strangers, living in a fairy-tale, traveling all over the world, all while their real lives are on pause. So of course you will get sucked up into love la la land. Then boom. Camera’s are off and things get real. Most of the relationships end. That’s no good. Face it f you don’t make sure all of your ducks are in a row, crap can get real messy. Truth. Trust me on that one.

In other news… I am on the move again!!! I finally can live up to the “Where in the world is Schanell” aspect of this blog. Stoked. This weekend I’m headed to the Butte. Next Glenwood Springs, and then off to good ole’ Orlando. Should be a good time. I’ll make sure to write of my adventures or bore you with stupid stories.

Get excited.

Wear sunscreen. Drink iced coffee. Run ONLY when chased.



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