Reel Good.

I just got done passing out fliers at the Colfax Marathon. My time walking around talking to people as they finish the race only reinforces my “love” of running. Seriously people who would pay $150+ dollars to run around for 26.2 miles? On Colfax? You people are crazy. I’m going to stick to lifting heavy things.

Currently I am at the Perk listening to some kid scream at the top of her lungs. OMG. Birth control. Take your child to the park. Kids don’t need coffee. Promise. 

I went deep sea fishing recently. It was amazing. I caught a Mahi Mahi. I ate its cousin. Yum. If you ever have been deep sea fishing you know that it is no joke. Your just trolling along and then BAM! Strap in and get ready to go. Throw on a belt, hook in the rod and get to work.

Most of my fisherman/fisherwoman friends know that there are times when the fish pulls more line out….thats annoying.  Times when you can reel it in a bit…even though it feels like an inch. Then there are times when you just have to hold on for dear life, and hope the little bugger won’t drag you off the boat. But more times then not you reel it in and it makes all the hard work worth it. 

Where are you now in your life? Are you holding on dear life? Are you making some progress? Or does it feel like life is pulling you around a bit? Wherever you may be, accept it. Knowing that all things will work out for good. Focus on the truth. It likely won’t be easy, but it is always worth it. 

Well have a great day! 

Go rollerblading, stroll around a farmers market, or better yet… Grab a rod and go fishin! 




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2 Responses to Reel Good.

  1. Rosalie Sudowski says:

    Wow awesome…lady if we meet at Christy’s later we can all chill after our busy mornings and watch some sexy men in fast and furious!

  2. Sharon says:

    That is quite the catch! You can now add that to your bucket list.

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