I eat Cadbury eggs in ONE bite.

Hey all!

I have totally fallen of the blogging wagon. I think it may be in effort to keep my rather dull life under wraps. That’s not true. My life hasn’t been dull. I guess I feel a bit like a fraud since I haven’t been anywhere lately. “Where in the WORLD is Schanell”…. well Denver still. Lame.

I think I may start making up imaginary trips/adventures I have been on…. then tell you about them. No. That’s even more lame. Gosh.

I am learning a lot about myself lately. For example I have learned that I am the most selfish, stubborn, abrasive person I know or any of you know. So there is no need to tell me that to my face anymore. Point taken. Come to think of it, I actually just think that I say what everyone else wishes they could say. So you’re welcome.

In the spirit of self improvement, based on all the great feedback on my “awesomeness” I re-evaluated my Myers-Briggs Personality results. I’m a ISTJ. It says I should be a librarian, military officer, IRS agent, or teacher (just to name a few). Ummmm sweet. I’ll get right on that. If you have never done the Myers-Briggs before…. you should. Activity Time!! See I’d be a great teacher. Ha.


1. My friend Leah had her baby!! I get to go visit her in like  30 minutes. So excited.

2. I’m getting a tattoo. Yes. Gross. I’m THAT girl. Makin my parents proud.

3. I am planning a big event. You are all going to have wait for that goodness.

4. I only drink decaf coffee now. It’s kinda a big deal.

5. Can I borrow someone’s kid to go on a Easter Egg hunt next weekend?? Thanks

Later people. cadburyYum.

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4 Responses to I eat Cadbury eggs in ONE bite.

  1. Rosalie Sudowski says:

    I love Cadbury Eggs! Let’s do tattoos together in April (gotta wait for next months ‘ money and we start spring break tomorrow). You can borrow one or both of our kids whenever you’d like or just come to back to church at 12 for the egg hunt ;). Love you girl!

  2. Susan says:

    You are one of a kind! Love your blogs.
    But I don’t see you as a teacher – too confining.
    I’m gonna take that Meyers Briggs test; possibly tonight. Then compare it to the one I took in my 20’s; which was much longer than this one.
    Happy Easter toast to Cadbury eggs!
    Love xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  3. Gale Neiderworder says:

    Yup ~ ISTJ pretty good match.

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