I am a BANANA!!!!!


I got these sweet shades from my co-worker for Christmas. Badass.

Watch this …. yes it’s old school, but I think it’s hilarious.

Happy Holiday’s/Happy New Year!!!!! It was a good and crazy couple of weeks and now it’s 2013.

A friend of mine said I should blog about something deep and profound. Nope. I got nothing…. So I will tell you a pointless story.

Random Story Time:

I had this English teacher in High School. Her name was Dottie Davis, or Mrs. Davis. Whatever. I didn’t like her much. No I take that back… I didn’t like her at all. I’m sure if she ever read this blog she would feel like a failure of a teacher. Do I have to explain why? (my grammar and spelling is terrible). Muahahaha.

Anyways… she once accused me of cheating on some stupid assignment. Of course I didn’t cheat. I suck at lying. Probably because I have the memory of a 67 year old woman. So if I were to construct a web of lies I would eventually forget the original lie and get stuck in my own web-o-shit. Where am I going with this???? Oh man I forgot the whole point of this story…. watch this. Call me Dory. Short term memory loss. Check.

I JUST found out that Dory is Ellen DeGeneres!!! I want to go to her show REAL bad. I’m going to make that happen.

Hmm…. well this post is dumb. Once again.

Have fun with those New Year Resolutions. Start CrossFit. Surround yourself with people that don’t suck the life out of you. Pick up a new nickname like my personal fav Sch-nay-nay. Dance often. Be random. Try REAL hard to stop caring what others think about you. Say what’s on your mind.



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