Irregardless is not a word… but totally should be.

How is it Thanksgiving tomorrow? Where is the cool weather and snow? It was 70 degrees today. Crazy. I actually bought snow shoes this year in attempt to be more like a native Coloradan and have yet to use them.  What a bummer. What is everyone up to for Turkey Day? Mr. Neiderworder is going to deep fry some turkey. That should be delicious. I think we should make bacon wrapped deep fried turkey. Or this!!! YUM. What do you think pops?

Quote worth sharing:

“If you’re not living on the edge, you are taking up too much room”….. anonymous

What else? Oh I tried to make sweet potato soup and it was an epic fail. I literally threw up in my mouth when I smelled it cooking this afternoon. Yuck.

I also have WebMD’d myself as having chronic foot in mouth disease. I need help, a mouth filter, or a brain. Suggestions?

Ok Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

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