Yep….that just happened.

2012 Mom/Daughter weekend in California was REAL nice. Makes coming back to work REAL hard. Womp Womp… I know what ya’ll are thinking. So I am done.


1. I should really stop writing blogs when I am tired, hungry, or have been to the dentist within the past 24 hours.

2. Remember cookie dough blizzards from Dairy Queen? Yum. I used to eat the ice cream and spit out the cookie dough. Then eat the entire heap of dough at the end. It was magical. I think I was a wiser person as a child…. I should try that whole delayed gratification thing more often.

3. It’s my dad’s BDAY on Tuesday!! If you see him… put your arm around his neck then give him a noogie. He will LOOOOVE that.

4. I got pulled over for the first time this week. Yep. That happened. I wasn’t using my blinker, like always, AND to top it off my insurance card was expired…. (not) so funny is that my dad gave me my new insurance card on Monday… I said “thanks!”… set it down on the kitchen table and  left it in Castle Rock. Special. What does that mean? Mandatory court date on Dec. 20th. Merry Christmas. Unbelievable. : ) My dad and I sure got a good laugh out of it….

I will leave you with this photo. This is, Shanelly, my inner child. I want to be like her EVERYDAY.

Have a good weekend!

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