I’m a big kid now…..

I am. That’s all.

I am trying to get better at blogging regularly… This has proven to be difficult due to the lack of good topics to write about. How about a typical Schanell day. This will be boring.

7am: Get off work.

730am: Workout with Leslie.

8am: Drink Coffee at Wash Perk

9-12: Attempt to sleep, get pissed when I can’t sleep, get up, and drink more coffee.

12-3: Golf, rollerblade, play basketball, read, write, go to goodwill, meet people for coffee, break rules, change lives, ponder the meaning of life……

3-5: Who knows… Bring the sexy back to sleep deprivation??

5-8: Coach Crossfit. Love it.

8-830: Eat.

830-9: Talk to my pops while driving to work. Try to limit the use of the f word. Whoops.

9pm-12am: Learn how to rap, dance, and watch youtube videos…..work some…

12am-7: Work….zzzzz

That is my day.

Wow. I need to travel somewhere immediately. Hmmmmm…….

Happy Snow Day 🙂

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One Response to I’m a big kid now…..

  1. Rosalie says:

    Holy cow you have a lot going on! What is your other overnight work? PS I totally recommend melatonin to get you to sleep! Hope to see you soon, when we’ve both had enough rest haha.

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