I just threw up a little in my mouth….

I literally have nothing good to write about. This is a fact. Apart from the fact that I loathe WebMD. I do. I think that its sole purpose to give unsuspecting citizens, like myself, a hypochondriac-like panic attack. Those are special. I convinced myself I had meningitis the other day. Don’t worry… I’m not contagious. Nor do I have meningitis.

Gosh I am bored just writing this… I bet you are bored reading it. Too bad. Keep reading….

Guess what!? I competed in my first CrossFit Comp. It was fun. My mom said, “You paid to do this?”. Yes mom I did. I got a ‘free’ t-shirt out of it. I also got lots of bruises (what a gross photo)…. and collected many fond memories…. of course. Leslie-Britt…. Ya’ll rock.

Ok so go buy chocolate coco butter…. It has changed my life. All I talk about is food and how it changed my life. We had a kid at my work the other day ask me if I was going to send her to juvi… I said ‘No’. I changed her life…. and she stopped crying. Thank goodness.

Take a random photo of something you encounter during your day and send it to me at schanell5@gmail.com … Do it. Please?

See ya later.

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