NOT everything you THINK is TRUE.

I’m a big fan of fly-fishing, rugby, golf, rodeos, witnessing miracles, football, stories, lifting heavy things, values, iced almond milk lattes, and four hour conversations with good friends.  Just to name a few.

I am also a big fan of this friend of mine that I had the opportunity to catch up with yesterday. (I once completely dogged him in a blog, cuz I’m a jerk…so now I am going to brag about him… I will try not to be annoyingly annoying).

Anyways… this friend had a building fall on him. A real BIG building. Crazy, right? Well it’s been 3 years this month since that happened and now he is back at it. Even more crazy, right?

Just so I have proof that I said it…”He is going to write a book and be famous. I am convinced of this. Then open a dude ranch”. Quoted.  Why do they call it a dude ranch? I’ll google it. <—- These are all my predications so I’ll keep you posted.

Well he has handled it like a champ and it has been super cool to witness that miracle in action. Yep buddy you’re a miracle.

Learning nugget from this brag moment: If we only focus on how far we have to go all the time we would be overwhelmed by the enormous distance left to travel, but when we can get excited on how far we have come it changes things. That perspective shift can give us hope. Hope is good. REALLL good. That makes sense right? It does in my head. I can’t blame my bad grammar/lack of clarity on  lack of sleep considering it 3 o’clock in the afternoon. Dang it.

Guess what. I received ONE sunset photo message (request from previous blog). Thanks mom. The rest of you need to get on it. Deal?

CORRECTION: I got four photos…. Thanks Holly, Rodin, and Pops. : )

Rock on!

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