Tim Tebow is coming back to Denver!!!

Oh my goodness it has been FOREVER. I have missed you! To be honest I had no clue what to write about. Some big things have happened in the past couple weeks, but I don’t really feel like processing that all and telling you about it. So I have decided to be random. Well nothing new with that statement.

Ready? Go…

From this point forward I will only read GQ magazine. I don’t usually read magazines, but there is something about airports that makes me what to buy one, read it, and apparently blog about it. Anyways I was traveling home from Rapid City to Denver,  and Tim Tebow was on the cover…. so how could I resist? It turns out that GQ is way more interesting than most women’s magazines. For one there are pictures of men…mostly good-looking so that is WAY better than looking at a bunch of skinny/half naked girls in Cosmo.  Also there are articles about football and all sorts of sports. Awesome! Those are good reasons to switch to GQ. Right?

Equally as exciting I am headed to Crested Butte with my pops. Super excited. So excited, in fact, that I ‘invested’ in some quality (well the quality is questionable) fly-fishing gear. I sure hope I like it….. ‘it’ being fly-fishing….because my waders and vest are BADASS. I’m such a poser. I may just resort to standing in the river and working on my balance…. and tan. Most importantly I will forever have waders to do Crossfit workouts in and/or I will stay dry in case of a massive flood. Whoop.

We (Pops and I) are also golfing/woding in honor of my Uncle Dale—->here. It’s going to be called “The Nuttle”. WOD=5 burpees before teeing off at each hole. People are going to stare.  And… it is just going to be awesome.

I say awesome way too much.

I also got one of my cousins (he is 5 years old) to say, “I am REALLLL tough”. You will only think that is cool if you are me, or if you hang out with me occasionally.

Ok I need to go buy golf balls….LOTS of them.

Watch the sunset. Take a picture of it. Then message it to me. Deal?

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