70 pound stone balls.

In process of writing this post I have jumped on my soap box, jumped off, jumped back on, and slipped on my ass. So it will not be a soap box kind of post. Also…

I dropped a 70 pound stone ball on my big toe last week. That was smart. It hurt REAL bad.

That’s all I have to say about that.

Writing a blog post on a overnight shift is a bad idea. Almost as dumb as dropping a stone that weighs 70 lbs on your toe.  But I am determined.. So here it goes.

Has anyone read “Through Painted Deserts” by Donald Miller? It rocked my world. Big time. Read Quote: (please?)

“Sometimes I admire people who don’t ask why questions, who only want to know the how of life: How do I get paid, how do I get a wife, how do I make myself happy, whatever. The why path isn’t so rewarding, if you think about it: Why are we here, why do we feel what we feel, desire what we desire, need what we need, hate what we hate?” ~ Donald Miller

Does anyone else resonate with Donalds’s conundrum? Totally not the proper use of that word. Like I care. I think it sounds cool. Whatever. Overnights melt my brain. Sip Coffee. Scratch that Chug Coffee. Check.

Focus Schanell. Basically I have always been a why person…what about you? I remember telling my dad once that I wish I could just go through life mindlessly without the annoyance of analyzing EVERYTHING. But I retract that statement. I like how I think. Is that weird to say? Wow this post is going down the toilet quickly. I will move on to something else.

This has been an odd week for me. I have been very introspective (not very odd for me) and have concluded that I have some re-prioritizing to do. So big changes are a comin.

Well this is a long blog and I am bored writing it, so I assume you have been bored to tears reading it.


Read a book this week…or at least a short story.

Don’t listen to stupid people who say stupid things.

RECALCULATING: Take the high road.

Yes. I am very tan. Stop reminding me. Go Outside.


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