Hiccups. Now that’s a weird word.

Holy moly what a fun weekend!!! Volleyball, pool parties, bacon wrapped goodness, friends… so wonderful. I now have gnarly tan line…or four.

I will start by saying that I think I missed my calling to be a professional golfer. Shame. I should have listened to my Pops back in high school.

Also I think that eating carrots is the loudest food one could possibly eat on the ENTIRE planet. Actually it is probably a close second to gnawing on bones. So basically if I ever decide to become a ninja, I will have to give up eating carrots. Bummer.

Ponder this: “I can fit anywhere, yet I belong nowhere.” Hmm… I read this and it struck a cord. That’s all.


Embrace the unexpected.

Do something out of your comfort zone… then comment about it below.

Eat a banana if you are trying to be a ninja.

And last but not least meet Stanley:

I put him all together by myself. Bought Propane. Lighter. Then attempted to start it. I nearly blew myself up. I need help. Or maybe I should read directions. Damn you Stanley.

2012-05-28 13.00.11.jpg

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2 Responses to Hiccups. Now that’s a weird word.

  1. Rosalie Sudowski says:

    Wow that line is deep. Praying for you to find where your puzzle piece fits!

  2. Jules says:

    Hey girl,
    Thanks for the text…..sorry I didn’t get back with you. Cast off, in a “walking” boot…listing to the right…but gradually working my way back to center!!!!
    Carrots are loud, but totally worth it! If, craving carrots while in ninja-mode…eat shredded carrots!
    As far as finding the right fit…I always think that I am in exactly the right spot, at exactly the right time….although, there are certainly times I am quite puzzled as to WHY! But, I have to trust that there is a reason, even if it is not apparent at that moment. So, just keep moving forward and definitely eat your carrots, because they are good for you!!
    Love Julie

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