Something must be in the water….

Two posts in one week. How lame. Stop reading. I am at work, its 12pm. I am actually jammin to Mumford and Sons and planning my next adventure.  I am also facebook stalking all of my friends. Ok not all of them…just the one’s who are getting engaged. Whoa. Like 3 today…Crazy. Go team! But sub me outta that game coach.

Jump on over to random deep thought moment:

What makes you come alive? Ponder that. Post comments below.

For me it’s traveling, sweet potatoes, stepping out of my comfort zone, light bulb moments, working with kiddos that can form sentences and string thoughts together, sunsets, and meaningful relationships. Not in that order.

I just say all of this to remind you to do the things that make you come alive. Stop saying you’re going to do it tomorrow. Do it today. Deal?

Okay. Drum-roll please….. My next pond hoping adventure will be an Indochina Discovery Tour. Boom. Suggestions welcome. 

Alrighty I’m going to continue researching my next trip.

Until we meet again.  Wherever that may be….

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One Response to Something must be in the water….

  1. abbymenter says:

    I love you. I love the East Asia tour. I want to go with you. Traveling makes me feel alive, too. Because I see myself for who I am. Traveling and being with people who boost my soul. You are one of those people. xo.

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