So simple… a boy could do it.

What a week! Last week was whirlwind of awesomeness. It’s true. I won’t bore you with details….. but it was great. How was your week?

A bit of a rewind… I told one of the idiot fellas on Christian Mingle that I was going to Eric Church… guess what he said..”Eric?lol That sounds good. I plan to go to church as well.” DIRECT QUOTE. You guessed it. BLOCKED. Unsubscribed on Friday. Best decision ever.

Anyways… Eric was so freaking EPIC. Sigh…..

So this gets me back to the reason for this post. I officially love beating all of the boys at…well just about everything. I like lifting more, hitting farther on the driving range, and just doing …well just about anything better then them. You may be thinking…real humble there Schanell. Yeah yeah yeah… but if you know me at all you know that I typically self sabotage, and cut myself down ALL the time. So this is a good and welcome change for me…in my opinion.

Graveyard shifts. What a terrible name for a work shift. Maybe it comes from the fact that you are a zombie after you work one. Yeah that must be it. Well that’s my new job life schedule thingy for the time being. I actually love it. For now. I hope. : )

Ok well sorry for using a lot of ‘…’ and ‘wells’.


Give a dollar to someone in need.

Practice handstands.

Dust off those good ole’ rollerblades and go for a ride.

Keep it sexy.

Oh and listen to Heart Like Mine by Miranda Lambert. Theme song. Boom.

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