I Should. I Want. I Choose.

Today I really wanted write a blog about the current metaphorical ‘thorn in my side’, but I will spare you the bloody details.

Instead I wanted to pass along a great way to de-clutter your brain/thoughts (that is assuming you over-think everything like me).

So any ‘I should’ statements should be deleted from your stream of consciousness. “Ahhh I just got ‘should’ on.” Get it???  ‘Shoulds’ are a load of shit. They get you nowhere.

‘I want to’ statements are a great way of clarifying your vision, goals, and desired outcomes. So yipee…When you have those thoughts write them down. Then make an action plan to move towards your wants.

‘I choose to’ statements are a great way to make empowered decisions. So empower yourself. Have confidence in yourself. Kick ass.

Enjoy your weekend.


I should settle down and stay put.


I want to deal with this metaphorical ‘thorn in my side’, and help others do the same.

I choose to rollerblade around Wash Park in short shorts. Boom. These kiddos are my inspiration. And make fun of me??? I will stick my out tongue at you …just like this cute kid did. Boom.


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One Response to I Should. I Want. I Choose.

  1. Susan Cancilla, Flatirons Volleyball Club says:

    I’m gonna do this! Don’t have a bad case of the “shoulds” but I really like the “I choose to . . . ”
    Do you this it would be okay if it follows a “should”? 🙂

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