Change. Growth. Wake

I will start off by saying hello. It has been awhile since my last post. That sounds like a confession. haha.

My brain is all over the place. Maybe it’s hormones or maybe I’m just a bit crazy. Or both. Whatever. So I was told by someone that if they could change one thing about me they would change the fact that I over-think/over-analyze everything…..hmmm. Thanks. I bet you didn’t think that statement would be included, but it was. Glorious. I don’t know about you, and frankly I don’t really care what you think about it, but that is one thing I kinda like about myself. No screw that. I really like that about myself. Why? Well when my over-analyzation is not driving me crazy, it has served me well. I have experienced, lived, analyzed some pretty damn cool things in my 25 years. So there. Granted I have hurt some feelings along the way, and oftentimes left a wake the size of a small tsunami, but I am learning and trying to love others better.

But change?? Hmmm. My definitions of change and growth… and I think Webster would agree.

Change- to become different

Growth- to develop

I think that if we all begin to direct your focus on growth, change will come naturally. So help others grow, don’t tell them to change.

And…. for those of you who have ever got caught in the ‘Schanell Tsunami’. I am sorry. Truly.

Make it a great day. I am currently at Whole Foods MELTING in the sun. Love it. Eat an apple.

Think about something.

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One Response to Change. Growth. Wake

  1. Kristen Kelly says:

    Loved today’s blog post.
    Welcome back 🙂

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