Neiderworder Clan Gone Paleo.

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So I snook (I clearly can’t spell) snuck into my parents house and checked up on their Paleo Challenge. They are doing great!!!!! I am so proud of them for taking the initiative to try this new way of eating. Go parents.

In other news, I decided to write a letter to myself. Yeah right!!!! Like I would share that letter with you. I did just write it though and it was therapeutic. You should try it.

Here’s how it came about. Friday night… Typical 20 somethings would probably be out at a bar or something. Me… I went to see The Vow…solo. Let me tell you it was probably the best date I have had in awhile. Sorry fellas. I just needed a brain shut-down moment…it worked…I was  completely engulfed in the movie. Cried once. Decided I really like the movie. A lot. Fabulous. I think my hard candy shell is melting?! Ohhh no! Then, of course, my brain/thoughts flipped right back on after the credits. Lame. So I came home and started writing a letter to myself.  I will share one line… ” I know there were times when you were discouraged and just want to give in and give up, but stay hopeful.” Boom. (boom was not in the original letter. just annoyingly added in this blog)

So I wrote that on Friday night, and didn’t really believe a word it said. The next day I was feeling a bit “overly underly whelmed” (noun: feeling overwhelmed to the point of underwhelmedness). In my life that kinda looks like my brain going a mile-a-minute, and my body just stunned in a paralyzed/numb fashion.

Then, out of the blue,  a friend messaged me and make me an offer that would be a tremendous blessing right now. Reminders of hope. Awesome. Reminders that you aren’t alone in all the craziness. More awesome. My reminder to you: Keep kickin ass, and things will fall in place. Be patient.

Remain Hopeful.

Eat a pickle.

Call someone you have been meaning to right…NOW.

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2 Responses to Neiderworder Clan Gone Paleo.

  1. Rosalie says:

    You are so much braver than me. I had the same thought of going to see it solo, but it hadn’t come out yet and I was too afraid to cry in the theater solo. Thanks for sharing your awesomeness! Love ya!

  2. Julie says:

    Ooh! What was the phone call? What’s the opportunity?? Julie

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