Do not read this post.

Oh golly! Hello my blog reading friends!

I have been trying to write this darn blog post for like a week now. So I will break it up in PHASES, and publish the damn thing already… with spelling AND grammar mistakes.

Phase 1: 

With all my new found free time, random thoughts and things that have happened…want to hear some? Great… well… [insert writers block two days]… … …

Ok so I decided just to write a random list of updates (because I have nothing else to write about/feel UNinspired/feel lots of pressure to make this post funny)…..Sorry to disappoint. Ready. Go.

1) I’m a sell-out. I finally gave in and went to Chipotle. This after years of saying I loathed Chipotle. Verdict: DELICIOUS. Dang.

2) I’m a official Pedicaber. Worst pic ever!—–>

3) The Neiderworders’ are Paleofying!

4) Momma Neiderworder is back in Denver!

5) Life is good. Gooooooood (wow lame movie quote)

6) Listened to this sermon and chuckled.

7) Made beef stuffed eggplant aka “Schanell’s Boats of Goodness” and… they didn’t suck.

8) Speer Blvd parked-vehicle-picture-taking cops are DUMB.

9) Every time I see someone running I think to myself “Stop Running”. Weird thing is… I like running.

10) Sam’s Club and Costco were out of Cholula. I had to settle with their distant cousin Frank.

11) I think I will go buy a single sweet potato every night at Whole Foods. Maybe I’ll make new friends or at least get to drool over the real life Wash Park McDreamy!!??

12) Rented “Horrible Bosses”. FAIL. DVD didn’t work.

13) Made a list of all the jobs I had in 2011. haha. It was too long to be posted. Shameful.

Phase 2: 

At this moment I should be going to Arizona. However, the skies decided to take a dump…a very large dump. Therefore, I am sitting here with my bags packed, writing a blog on this snowy evening.

On a funny note my dad and I Facebooked stalked someone over the phone together. Maybe that is more creepy than funny? Hmm whatever ….I laughed.

Phase 3: 

Everyday this week I said to myself, “Something awesome is going to happen today”. You should try it.

You should also try: eating sweet potatoes with cinnamon, dancing to Mumford and Sons, eating Paleo, drinking coconut milk in coffee (take it easy though.. trust me).

WOW. You actually read to the end of this dumb post. Go you! Gold Star.

Enjoy the snow. Arizona keep it sexy. I will see you soon.

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4 Responses to Do not read this post.

  1. Susan says:

    What’s Cholula?

  2. Julie says:

    I eat sweet potatoes with salt and pepper and plain Greek yogurt. YUM. I also add cinnamon to just about everything. I too say very positive things to myself…it’s amazing what a little subliminal messaging will do. And finally, when are you coming out to Portland with all your free time?? 🙂

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