You see rain. I see a free shower.


***Items in this post may be very random, cause boredom, or just be completely irrelevant. ***

Item #1

Favorite quote of the week:

“Fitting in is the path to regret”. Like it. Most days I live by it.

Item #2

I thought about writing something about following your instincts or closure or something more profound; however, I have been on hold for like 3 hours this morning and the music is driving me crazy (why am I on hold you ask? ask me later). So here is a simplified version:

1. You have instincts. Follow them. Example: If have an inkling that someone is feeding you a bunch of lines, and isn’t who they are portraying themselves to be. Find a new person of interest…whether that be a boss, friend, significant other. ‘Douche Bags’ are a dime a dozen, seek out good people.

2. Be you, or you will be a miserable NON-you. Example: If you are a free spirit and can pick up and go on many seemingly adventures at a drop of a hat. Do it. Who cares what people say. Example 2: If you want to work as a Pedicab driver. Do it.

Item # 3

If you decide to cook sweet potatoes in the oven at 9 pm… don’t fall asleep. Ovens typically do not have a auto shutoff button. Interestingly I had a dream about my dad cooking stir fry, and awoke around 3 am to a pleasant smell last night (sweet potatoes smell delicious even when they are over cooked!).

Item # 4

~Get a therapist. Everyone needs one. Then…. listen to them.

“I’m a therapist, and he needs therapy”. —->My therapists response to a RIDICULOUS text message I got during our meeting.


Which voice are you going to listen to today? The side of you that is critical and mean or the side that is encouraging and….well for lack of a better word…. AWESOME.

I choose AWESOME.

Have a great day!

Eat a scoop of Almond Butter.

Say something encouraging to a friend.

Then tell yourself how AWESOME you are.





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