Noun: priming


Priming 1) the act of making something ready.

I had a conversation recently with a special someone   guy I know. He told me all about his vision for his life, and I couldn’t help but be amazed by his passion and enthusiasm. Big picture: Open his own gym. How: Hard work, and money. Conversation continued and at one point I asked him “Well, what can you do now?” (mostly inspired by my previous blog post “VERB: To commit”) He said “Save money.” Well this is true and well and good, but what can you do NOW. A brillant idea came to mind…. Step 1. He has a space to start a gym. Check. Step 2. Clean it. Prime it. Get it ready. So when the money comes in, and it WILL, you will be ready.

I say all of this to to pose the question to you my blog followers. What is your vision? Got it yet? Great. Now what can you do to prime that vision NOW? Ok get going. Let me know how it goes.


Words have power. Choose them wisely. Guilt trips don’t motivate, they deflate. Get the WHOLE story.

I’m a work in progress.

Be nice to someone today.

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One Response to Noun: priming

  1. This is great!!! Couldn’t have found a better day to read this post as I am in the same position, trying to rebuild myself and goals after Kazakhstan! Keep up the great work. You inspired me 🙂

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