Bacon wrapped….

Yo. Did ya’ll survive the holiday festivities? Hope so. Considering you are reading this I suppose you managed just fine.

Well this year was certainly a whirlwind. I cannot believe Christmas has already came and went. Some highlights from Christmas 2011 included:

-Brazilian steakhouse feast with my pops. My new favorite food is filet mignon wrapped in…. yep BACON!! So freaking delicious. Makes me also wonder what other food deliciousness can be created simply by wrapping it in bacon.

-Volunteering at the Rescue mission. Favorite moment= women asking my pops if he had a pin because her bra strap was broken. ha so funny.

-Working out with my pops at Crossfit York Street! He kicked the WOD’s ass. (WOD=WorkOut of the Day)

-Wearing our festive character hats at Christmas dinner, thanks to my cuz Julie for supplying them. Mine was Scooby Doo and I can’t help but think that this was a very fitting character for my sporadic, silly, out-of-control (in a good way) life these days.


Well have a good one!

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1 Response to Bacon wrapped….

  1. Rose says:

    Love the hats … Hope you had a great Christmas

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