A week(ish) in the life of Schanell…who is still in Colorado:

Bought a can opener. Came up with a new tradition (wait for that goodness to be revealed below). Hiked in the snow with my pops. Played the ukulele. Twice.  Read the first half of “Quarter-life Crisis” SOLID. Watched strong people lift heavy weights. Pondered the meaning of life. Realized how truly fabulous my parents are. Ate 3 pounds of sweet potatoes in 3 days.  Memorized this quote:

“The day that everything in your life is settled and you’ve learned everything about you that there is to learn is the day that your body has decided to call it quits and your mind doesn’t think that’s such a bad idea.”

The Main Event:

A New Tradition is Born.

On Father’s Day 2011 the pops and I decided to grow our hair out for Locks of Love. I was trying to remember where the idea came from, but couldn’t. So I suppose you can chalk it up to Neiderworder Randomness. Anyways… time went by and our hair grew longer. Then one day the big nasty bossman told my pops to cut his hair. After some discussion they concluded it would be best to do it now (as in before Jan 1). So that meant that this whole shenanigans was to happen fast. And happen fast it did. Yesterday we went to get our hair chopped off. I think the pictures tell it all, so I won’t bore you with my stories and poor writing skills.  New Christmas Tradition? I think so…. but…. my hair is REALLY short so we’ll see if it grows back in time. Enjoy : )

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4 Responses to Snip.

  1. Angie says:

    You look super cute! Way to put that hair to good use 🙂

  2. Leasa says:

    You two are amazing! I love the new haircuts…on both of you.

  3. Rosalie Sudowski says:

    Wow how fun to do together. The new do looks great!

  4. The Sipping n' Painting Blog says:

    Awesome and cute hair

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