Happy Thanksgiving!

I am currently sitting in a Starbucks in Keystone, and I just realized that they call it Keystone because everyone gets stoned up here. There are smells of delicious coffee and weed all around. So funny. I wonder if Starbucks sells special brownies?

What a year it has been! Last year for Thanksgiving I was with my soul mate Abby Menter (Pictured below) and other PCV’s in Taldykorgon, Kazakhstan. We got our hands on a legit turkey and had a truly unique Kazaki-American turkey day celebration. Sigh. Such good memories. Timeout! I do not have any photos of that extravaganza……

Oh well this will do —>




I think this year will be equally awesome. New tradition=Dance Party.

Looking forward to that.

Thankful for you all!!!


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