Raw Fish.

Who ever thought that catching a fish, cutting it open, cleaning it, rolling it in rice, dipping it in soy sauce and eating it would be so delicious? Well I had some sushi for the first time last night and it reminded me of this time in Kazakhstan I had me some good ole’ ‘sushi’…..

The first time my host family came home and said “SUSHI!!” I was confused and a tad bit concerned about what that meant. Considering the geography of Kazakhstan I think I was more concerned about where these fish came from? For all I know they were ridden with radiation. Mmmm yummy. Anyways they had bought 4 medium sized fish that had been soaking in salt water or something? They then proceeded to sit me at the table, flop the fish in front of me, hand me a knife, and some newspaper. I sat there and stared blankly at these fish, eyeballs and all. I told them in really terrible Kazakh that I had never cut my own fish before… they rolled their eyes and more than likely thought to themselves what a lazy stupid American I was. Whatever! When I went fishing back in the states I always made my dad cut the fish. haha. Thanks dad! So they cut the fish, along with some onions, and there we had it…. Delicious Kazakhstan sushi. It was cut into quarters with skin and all and I basically had to scalp the fishy part off of the skin with my teeth. So freaking sexy, but it was actually quite delicious.

WARNING Learning Moment:

Many times I feel like I refuse to give things a chance because they appear different/scary/unusual then what I am accustomed to. However, if I allow myself to just go with it I usually find that this ‘new’ thing, whatever that may be, is quite wonderful.

So what can you do today to step outside of your comfortable box and into your lets give this thing a shot box?

Peace out

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