Eat. Pray. Love. Schanell Style…..


I hope you all enjoyed the whack-a-mole post….

This weekend was super fun for me as I celebrated my 25th birthday, Leah’s bachelorette party, and officially registered and paid for graduate classes!!! On top of that I will be journeying to the land of Greece tomorrow (or whenever I get on a standby flight).  As I sit here at Whole Foods procrastinating packing, and drinking some delicious water, I am in awe of the path my life has taken to this point.

I had a run in with like EVERYONE from high school the other night and the common question asked was “what have you been up to?”. My answer was something like this…”Well …hmm… I lived in Africa, played volleyball in Holland, was a Peace Corp volunteer in Kazakhstan, and I’m going to Greece on Monday.” As I said this out loud, it really started to sink in how truly lucky I am to have had the opportunity to travel and explore.

Anyways back to the title. So I am going to rip off the idea of the book “Eat, Pray, Love” for my Greece trip. There will be lots of eating. There will be some prayers and moments of reflection I’m sure. And Love…. hmm well I may just fall in love with Greece and never leave. So maybe I’ll call this trip… “Devour, Reflect, Experience”…. Thoughts?? I think I need a better title. I’ll work on it.

Until then… time to pack.

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2 Responses to Eat. Pray. Love. Schanell Style…..

  1. Jules says:

    I think any title will be just fine, as long as it is YOUR title!!! I’m sure Greece will be wonderful no matter what happens. Just take in each moment with a deep, cleansing breath, and know that whatever does happen, it was meant to be!
    No worries on hanging with Stewie and Riley….I figured that with all you were up to, I would go ahead and book doggie daycare….so, now they can run, fetch and jump in the pool to their heart’s content!!!!
    Best of luck in Greece and beyond!
    Love ya,

  2. Sharon and Bob says:

    Happy and safe travelsl. Have a great journey and go with the flow. Waiting to hear more of your adventures. Love you.

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