Whack a Mole…..

Today I am 25. Scientists say that 25 is the age that your brain is fully developed. So yay!! Go brain.

Recently I was told by a friend that I reminded them of a Whack a Mole. Yes… a Whack a Mole. You know… those games at Chucky Cheese where the creepy mole pops up and you have to whack it before they duck back into their hole. Pictured below.






Anyways…. She said this because I have a tendency to give things a try… these things being… new jobs, relationships, friendships, hairdo’s, foods, whatever, and then the second I feel vulnerable or uncomfortable I run and cover to my comfort zone. Get the connection. I’m not creepy, smelly, and mole-like. Well, I may be smelly sometimes. …

So my goal for the next 1/4 century of my life is to ‘pop my head up’ and if I get whacked…well it will probably hurt a bit or a LOT.  BUT at least I can say that I boldly, courageously, and intentionally lived my life. Eh?

Well hope you are well.

“Where in the world is Schanell” : Today….Colorado. Monday….. Greece. OOOOrahhhh

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