Running Barefoot.

Yesterday I ran in my new vibram fivefinger shoes for the first time. Not only was it my first time running in 6 months, but I also decided to break them in around the 3 mile loop of Wash Park. IDIOT. I woke up this morning and literally couldn’t walk. My calves felt like there were giant rocks in them.

Today I googled the proper break-in techniques…. This is what it said…..

  • Tips on correct forefoot running form can be found here: Mine was wrong. 
  • Run no more than 10% of your typical running distance for the first 2–3 weeks: What is 10% of 0? Oh yeah 0… so I shouldn’t have ran at all. 
  • After 2–3 weeks, gradually increase mileage by 10%–20% every couple of weeks: We’ll see if I run in them again? 
  • If you ever start to feel pain during a run, stop! You can always try again in a couple of days: Felt lots of pain… continued onward. Idiot. 
  • Never run 2 days in a row for the first month: Who could?? I can barely walk. 
  • Stretch before and after each run, focusing on calves and feet, because Vibram FiveFingers running will stimulate these muscles: Stimulate is not a word I would use to describe what I’m feeling. 
  • If, after several weeks of training, you are consistently very sore, you need to rest and back-off on your mileage: Deal. 
Well… There wasn’t any depth in this post, but thought I would share. Hope you have a great weekend!!
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3 Responses to Running Barefoot.

  1. Sharon says:

    Schanell, Sorry about the discomfort. Hope you are feeling some better. I haven’t heard a word from you except through your Dad. Guess you are having a busy summer. Is Greece still in the future?

  2. Kelly Doak says:

    OUCH! WOW – can’t wait to see you do sprints tomorrow at church.

    Why do they stimulate the muscles more than just running?

  3. Leasa says:

    That was a pretty funny post…keep the levity coming!

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