Dancing in the Rain

It has been uncharacteristically rainy around these parts. A friend and I were walking around Sloan’s lake the other day when, at the exact moment that we were half way across, a hurricane blew through. We were drenched!

As I thought about this more, because I have a tendency to over analyze EVERYTHING, I realized that there was a good life lesson in this situation.

Here it goes: Image your life as a sunny clear day…. do you feel the warm sun beating down on your skin? Do you hear the sounds of birds chirping in the yard? Or if you live in Denver the sound of road construction right outside the window? Suddenly,  out of nowhere, a big black cloud appears, the winds shift, and as the first flash of lightning in the distance appears and the crack of thunder ripples through your being, you know the rain in coming. And oh does it come. You don’t have time to ‘prepare’ and find shelter…you are just out in the open.You might as well be holding a metal rod. Your just that exposed.

Isn’t that kinda how situations arise in life? We are strolling and WHAM….. You’re home from Kazakhstan unexpectedly, or injured, or you lose your job, or get cut in line at Eliches (darn teenagers), or you happen to be on a walk at Sloan’s, all dressed up for a wedding, and it starts POURING. Unbelievable!!!!

That’s when we have to decide. Decide how we will respond. We can piss and mone and throw a fit. Or we can decide to let it go, and maybe even do a little jig : )I’m not discounting the importance of venting, being validated, or seeing a professional counselor….but there comes a point were you’re perceptive and attitude need to shift.

So … all this said. Learn to dance in the rain….

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One Response to Dancing in the Rain

  1. Julie says:

    Well said, Schannel! And I would even go so far as to say that the rain can be a really good thing. If you get the chance, read the Taoist (or Buddhist?) story called “We’ll See,” on this link. It’s all about perspective! Easy to say, harder to do, but worth the effort! Much love! Julie

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