Today as the burrito making team assembled some tasty treats for my good friend Celeste and her non-profit http://www.readorganization.org (don’t ya’ll love the shameless plug), we discussed our greatest passions in life. As people mentioned their passions ranging from service, storytelling, community, creativity, etc. it dawned on me how so often our lives line up with our passions. I guess this should be a no-brainer, but as I pass through yet another transitional season in my life I am now, more than ever, aware of the importance of alining our lives with our passions, values, and beliefs. I am learning that when you do this things just tend to fall into place. I am not saying by any means that this is an easy process ( I can attest to that!), but it is a process none-the-less. A wise, beautiful, gifted, graceful, friend/mentor of mine said to me today, “So many times we judge our past ‘failure’ or ‘bad decision’ on the outcome alone; however, one should look at the process and growth that occurred because of the decision.” (Please correct this if I quoted you way wrong).

Alrighty thats all for now….

General Updates:

-Hmm… Still in Colorado. : )

Happy Memorial Day

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2 Responses to 5.28.11

  1. Kelly Doak says:


    Rings so true!

  2. Gale says:

    To great new adventures! LOLA

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