I need blog topics. Tell me some interesting topics you want me to tell you about. I am lacking inspiration at the moment, and blog reading counts are falling drastically in 2011!! Thanks : )


Taxi Trivia:

My name is Schanell. I play volleyball. I speak (a little) Kazakh. I don’t speak any Russian. I’m 24 years old. No I’m not married. No I don’t want to be married. No I won’t marry you! Yes I like Kazakhstan. No I don’t want to give you my number.


I am so excited for you all to come visit so you get battered with questions, and I can giggle as you try to politely explain that you have no clue what their saying.

I am starting to get a hang of the language, which is fun because I could understand the taxi driver as he was talking about how his wife looked scary in the morning because her hair was all over the place haha. However, I could really use some Russian…traveling around the big cities is quite difficult with only Kazakh. Noted.



Speaking of you all visiting. Ya’ll are lucky! I live only 6 hours from the city you will  fly into, and as my dad noted that we could go to South Dakota in that time, it is really one of the closest sites to Almaty! There are some lucky volunteers that have to travel 2 days by train to get to and from Almaty. Not me… I hop in a taxi and get to Taldy in about 2 hours, change taxi’s, and get to Almaty about 4 hours after that. Relatively ‘easy’. So book your flights already.


Ok gotta go get fully dressed to go pee. Over and out… leave blog suggestions below or email me at schanell5@gmail.com.




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One Response to 23.1.11

  1. Leasa says:

    Suggested blog topics: Where do you shop for food…what is it like…can you take photos? How much do things cost (converted to $US).

    What are the clothing fashions/trends? What do people wear?

    What are the students being taught in school…how does education work? Do very little/some/a lot students go to university. Does the government pay for school or is it a private expense? Do you work for public or private school? How many universities are in the country? Do you need higher education to get job?

    Describe some of the local characters you come in contact with…

    What are some of the local issues…translate headlines of local newspaper. For example, here the gun issue is hot since the shooting in AZ, the health care reform is back in the news, etc.

    Thinking hard for ideas…

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