Intercalation and Smeagol the wise….

Spelling Bee Kazakhstan 2011:

Intercalation by definition is “the insertion or introduction of anything”.

I heard this word the other day and chuckled to myself, because that happens most days here in Kazakhstan. Whether it comes in the form of horse parts sprawled  all over the house, changing school schedules,  more house guests then the ‘Real World—Las Vegas’, typical 16 year old girl attitude, new words, new faces, new experiences, unknown outcomes… it seems like life here is constantly changing.


In other news:

I was watching the Lord of the Rings last night and was totally inspired by Smeagol. I know I’m weird… just stay with me for a sec. So right now I’m battling some ‘personal issues’, don’t ask just go with me. So there’s a part in the movie where Smeagol is talking with Gollum (his negative side I guess you could say) and gets so fed up with ‘Gollum’ and keeps repeating, “”Leave now, and never come back!”  over and over and then bad ‘Gollum’  goes away. Smeagol says, “We told him to go away… and away he goes, Gone, gone, gone! Smeagol is FREE!!!….” I was watching this and totally had an ‘ah ha’ moment! Seriously an ‘ah ha’ moment from Smeagol of all people.


It’s so true though, our biggest battle is choosing to think differently and change our perspective. Sometimes it may require us to call out our negative, destructive thoughts and tell them to go away over and over again. But it can be done. I mean if Smeagol can do it, so can I… right? : )


Shout outs:

Thank you Pathways Women’s Bible Study for the wonderful package!!!

Thank you Rosealie for the cutest Christmas ornaments ever and a sweet pic of 16th street!

Thank you EVERYONE for your love, support, and prayers!


Until next time AMERICA….

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5 Responses to Intercalation and Smeagol the wise….

  1. Sharon and Bob says:

    All of us could dispense with negativity. If this was an inspiration, run with it. You deserve to be happy, afterall you are putting yourself out there to inspire others. Love you.

  2. James says:

    Perspectives are crazy things around these parts

  3. Mary Miller says:

    Hey girl hang in there…I always try to stay away from negativity at all cost…it helps no one and only makes things harder. Besides there is always a plus if we look for it…we may have to look reallllyyyyy hard but worse case scenario we can at least learn something about ourselves. Sometimes we just need time to put everything into perspective.
    I think we are experiencing a little of your kind of weather her…ug been pretty cold and we have had snow and freezing rain of all things. I keep thinking that we should be getting our January thaw any day. Yea…as I get older I just don’t enjoy this cold anymore…no to the cold and snow…LOL guess I’m living in the wrong place.
    Hope you have a blessed day!!!!!!!!!!
    Love Ya!!

  4. Rose says:

    Smeagol’s version of ” get thee behind me Satan” we tell him to go away and he goes away, we are free. Interesting ! Love your perspective.

  5. Lisa Basquez says:

    Hey Schanell!

    Great post, sister. I don’t think you’re weird….inspiration can hit up any time, from anywhere. Just keep running with it & keep growing. Miss you like mad.

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