Boots, bruises, and brownies….

Before I begin I’m sending a random package home… does anyone want anything from Kazakhstan??


Brownies: Let me start off my saying that Abby makes the best brownies and chocolate pie in Kazakhstan. I just ate a huge piece of pie and it was soooo good! Good thing we’ll start training for the marathon soon or I would be getting some more junk in the trunk.

Boots: I may need that extra padding seeing that my boots are literally ice skates!!! They are super stylish and warm, and they fit my huge feet, but I may have to wait till the snow melts to wear them. I seriously  fell on my butt like 10 times in 10 minutes, got super pissed, and took my shoes off at the bazaar and walked home in my socks (about a mile). I’m serious. People thought I was crazy.

Bruises: That should be explained by the previous paragraph.

Tomorrow is New Years Eve and I’m in Kazakhstan. Last year I was in Rotterdam, Holland with no luggage, playing volleyball, and freezing my butt off. This year I’m in Kazakhstan with for the Peace Corps, with one shower a week, still playing a bit of volleyball, and still freezing. Its crazy how in just one year so much can change, yet kinda morph into what you still love and stay the same. That made more sense in my head, and excuse the horrible grammar.

Side note: I actually saw a man and his family on a rickety ole sleigh being pulled by an old horse, while talking on the cell phone. I am in the twilight zone .

Side note 2: I bought a kaz-tastic hat today.

Enjoy the pink tree, me and my counterpart by the fireplace, teachers party, and Christmas with Abby’s family!

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6 Responses to Boots, bruises, and brownies….

  1. Mary Miller says:

    Hey girl…love how stylish you look even in this crazy and wonderful experience you are having. Sounds like you had a great Christmas and looking forward to a Happy New Year!!!! We were busy here…everyone was home and so enjoyed a full house…only about 54 or so on Christmas day…so have a little craziness here too. My favorite time was looking out Christmas Eve(I was singing with the band) and seeing the 3 boys, daughter-in-laws and our 6 grandkids all sitting in church together…All singing and Praising the birth of our Savior…it dose the body good!! I also got to talk to your Dad for a few minuets on Sunday and that’s always good. Well need to go…God Bless and Love to you!!!!!!! Mary

  2. Rose says:

    I love reading of your adventures. It is wonderful the places you have been, the things you have accomplished over the past year, becoming the person God wants you to be, being obedient and liking it. You are an amazing young woman.
    Ok enough of the serious stuff, Hope you get to meet up with Teri. I have sweet potatoes and bars ready to mail just waiting until payday to get them off to you. Please email me again the addresses I need to use to make sure you get them.
    I am also including some YakTrax for the soles of your boots to keep you from slipping so much. I use mine all the time. They help most of the time. Talk to you soon


  3. Rosalie says:

    Have a wonderful New Year! Love the fun costumes everyone wore!

  4. Susan says:

    Yeah, I want some horse meat from Khaz! Will you send me a can? Just kidding, of course. I’ve had lots of fun relaying your stories to my friends and family and they’re in awe of your circumstances. That’s the most polite way I can think of to phrase it. 🙂
    All I can say is KUDOS to you! You have my highest level of respect.
    Happy New Year!

  5. Leasa says:

    I sooooooo want those sweaters you are wearing in the photos. Seriously, are those Kaz style, because if they are…I LOVE Kaz fashion. Sounds like you are settling into life in Kaz and the highs and lows are not as extreme. I loved the reflection on life one year ago and it totally makes sense. No matter where we may be in space and time, we are still ever-evolving human beings with passions, convictions, and lots of love to give. Enjoy the “stabilization” of culture shock…it is a great place to ride out the rest of your PC adventure. Love U! Leasa

  6. jules says:

    Love the pink tree!! It would have gone perfectly with our Wacky Weimer Disco Christmas…..(you will definitely have to join us one of these years…when you are not on some super-fantastic adventure)!! You are one awesome lady~ Love you and all your terrific stories of life and laughs in Kaz. jules

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