It was a very Merry Kazakhstan Christmas!!

Update! 2 days after posting the no water blog… WE HAVE RUNNING WATER!! Best Christmas Present ever!

Christmas Eve: Whoa.

What a day. It was certainly unlike any Christmas Eve I’ve ever had. Went to one class in the morning. We sang Jingle Bells which is always fun. Then Abby and I went to a college to talk to them about America.  They asked us all sorts of questions and listened as we talked, probably too fast, about our daily life in America. The hour flew by and they then presented us with a song, not just any song, but Jingle Bells!! It was probably the best Christmas gift I will get. Then he sang ‘Yesterday’ by the Beatles. Priceless. Then… they gave us some traditional Kazakh hat things. I’m getting sexier by the minute. After that I rushed over to Christmas play practice. No one was there : ( … then some of them showed up after about 20 mins or so. Phew. We finished up our fireplace, sang, danced, ate chocolate, and ‘practiced’ our skit. There were like 6 people missing. Oh boy…. Monday mornings performance is going to be fantastic.

Probably the best part of my day was when they said that they didn’t want Christmas to end, because that meant the club would end. Aww… I told them it didn’t have to, but we could pick topics and such to discuss, like a girls group, and they were super excited. I think I was more excited.

Walking home with lots of chocolate from my teachers, a new hat, and a skip in my step I had no idea what awaited me in the house. I got home, ran frantically to the toilet, tripped up the stairs, took off my shoes, and stepped inside to see a pink Christmas tree!!!! It was amazing!!! I’m not sure if its for Christmas or their New Year celebrations, but I’m going to say Christmas : )

Christmas Day Rundown:

1. Super great Skype with the family

2. My host sister and 2 host brothers moved back to Almaty! : (

3. Feast of Beshbarmach at 10 am. Lovely

4. School Skit Decoration session/gifts from my awesome students!!

5. Brownies at Abby’s

6. Home to eat with the host family

7. Back to Abby’s for big celebration, and Santa (aka my Uncle Dale) visited us via Skype for a truly awesome Christmas time toast!

It was certainly a Christmas I won’t soon forget!

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One Response to It was a very Merry Kazakhstan Christmas!!

  1. You truly are an amazing person ~ I thank God daily for you. Keep up the great work and enjoy all the moments! To a great New Year!! I do hope the package you received was the one that we sent!!!

    Love you and miss you!

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