су жок

As some of you know we are without running water. I thought this was going to be a temporary situation, but it’s going on 3 solid weeks without running water. I never really realized how much you use water on a daily basis, until I have had to haul a giant container of water on a mini sleigh from a sometimes working well or a frozen river… almost daily. (Some of you have requested photos, however its hard to carry a camera and pull a sleigh, I will work on it)

Also I have had to start washing my clothes by hand. This has been an interesting learning experience. So I get home from work, grab the sleigh, head out to get water, put some water on the fire so its not freezing, grab some clothes, a bucket, and I get started.  You would be surprised how dirty our clothes really are. We are lucky to have our wonderful washing machine dispose of the brown water before we have the wonderful opportunity to see it.  Gross. I am getting better at it though! My arms don’t feel like their going to fall off after, and the water isn’t completely brown on the 4th time I rinse the clothes.  Needless-to-say I am exhausted and my hands are a wreck… Cracking, wrinkly, and manlier than ever! Keepin it sexy here in Sarkand.


Oh and I’m making homemade peanut butter. Spent an hour peeling the red cover stuff of a pound of peanuts, dropped them all over then ground (super annoying), and picked them up. Next step is to wash them, roast them, smash them by hand, add some honey and a bit of oil, and I’ll have some tasty peanut butter.  Hopefully.


GOOD NEWS!! I got a letter today from America!!! It was from my good friend Adam Franzen thank you!! So packages will get here, it may just take some time.


Some have also asked what I need…

  • Some Neutrogena dark under eye circle cover up and cover up for zits– for pale skin haha
  • Blush— The kind here stinks
  • Mascara
  • Mexican Spices
  • Peanut Butter M&M’s
  • Pancake mix
  • Zip lock bags
  • Little goodies for my students- Pencils, candy, little toys
  • School Supplies!!!
  • Magazines
  • Workout DVD’s
  • Workout Clothes!!
  • Fabreeze for my smelly clothes and Baby Powder for oily hair
  • Snack Bars/Protein Bars: Lara Bars, and Kashi Crunchy Bars.
    • Rose Lamb— Thank you soo much for the bars they have saved my hungry belly many times and I still have some. I am rationing them haha.
  • Can you send sweet potatoes in the mail? : )


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7 Responses to су жок

  1. Teri Owen says:

    Oh, Schanell — I SO feel for you!!!! We were without water for over 3 months last winter, but at least we have a car and I have a husband AND a househelper. Bless you!!! The joy of it is that this will help with the marathon training, right?!!!? 🙂 And think of those toned muscles from all the scrubing, lifting, pulling, etc….

    Oh, and if you find out that sweet potatoes can be mailed, let me know. I would LOVE to have some of those!!!!! I found them in a new store here in Almaty, but they were 1500 tg for a KG. TWO potatoes weighed 750 grams. Needless to say….if someone can mail them……. 🙂

    Still working on the phone number!!!!

  2. Leasa says:

    Schanell…you are bringing SEXY back! Clean clothes, chapped skin, and man hands. Nice. Who knows maybe you will bring home a Kaz hottie. Once they find out you can wash your own clothes, you will be a hot commodity. I really do love the visual of you pulling water on a sled…nothing like going back to the old times. These experiences will make you look at the American culture in a totally different light. We are so wasteful! Love U, Leasa

  3. OMG! The saying what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger comes to mind!!!. I can only imagine what your hands must feel like 😦 On a good I am so glad that mail is getting to you. I am praying that the package we sent arrives this week. Keep us posted love you and miss you.

  4. GF Dale says:

    Welcome to the 1890s! I have always thought you would have made a great farm gal from the West. At least you do not have to use corn cobs when nature calls. I do not think you will find a man alive that will understand what you have gone though and would desirve you. The games of Bananagrams will be sent over the holidays. You should have them by April or May. You do not know just how lucky you are. Your stories will be real and you book will be exciting to read. Love you GD.

    • GF Dale says:

      I have the following education books available to you. Let me know quickly if you think you could use them. If not, I will return them and make the package lighter.
      GRADE 3: Lanaguage Arts (Sentence types, Mechanics, Subject-verb agreement, Writer’s guide, & answer key)
      GRADE 3: Spelling (short & long vowels, homophones, commonly used words, contractions, compound words, dictionary, & answer key!)
      GRADE 6: Short & Long Vowels, double consonants, silent letters, controlled vowels, compound words, contractions, regular & Irregular plurals, prefixes, number prefixes, suffixes, homophones, latin and greek roots, easily confused words, dictionary & Thesaurus uses, dictionary, & answer key.

  5. Schanell says:

    Hey God-Father Dale!!! I think they will be more useful to me then to my students haha. I have found my knowledge of the English Language to be pretty bad. So I don’t know? Make sure to send it UPS and the flat rate boxes are the way to go I hear.

    Love you!! See you via Skype soon

  6. Athena says:

    Hey! I just found your blog through fb. So you can actually get Johnson’s Baby Powder at your local Bazaar or at City Plus in Taldy. They also have imported snack bar things at City, as well as these German oat health cracker things I’m now obsessed with. They have no sugar and are a bit pricey, but okay if you just treat yourself occasionally. A decent size package runs about 380 tenge. A small container of baby bowder is about 400 tenge. That’s at City. It might be cheaper at your bazaar. Good luck!

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