Movin and groovin

Crazy couple weeks…

Moved into a new host family. I will spare you the details of that hott mess in this post, but I can email you the story if you would like.

The new host family is amazing!! Its a full house with lots going on, but it makes me feel at home. Rosa, my host mom, is very sweet. The host dad is very welcoming and full of energy. Madina, my host sister, is a baller on the vball court. And Asem the aunt is a rockstar cook. She has two little boys that are terrors most of the time, but fun to have around.

Random Story….Day one running on frozen snow:  I am an idiot. I basically ice-skated my way through the snow. And although it was sunny outside it was freezing. I stopped at a store and picked up a sprite to deliver to Abby. I was a sprite commercial, running through the snow with a sprite in hand. By the time I got to Abby’s the sprite went from room temperature to pleasantly cold.

1st Kazakh Wedding… Very interesting, lots of food, dancing, and fun to be had. My director and I even slow danced together. Most awkward moment in Kaz thus far : )

1st Kazakh Thanksgiving… My host family had friends and family over for dinner. So when I explained that in the US we celebrate Thanksgiving with lots of food, family/friends, and giving thanks they were a bit confused. Thats because it is part of their culture to have guests rather often, eat lots of food, and everyone is required to make a toast. Its was a great experience.


Sorry for this speedy…rather random post. I just got wireless in my room!!!! So Skyping and fun to be had ..ya!

Off to a teachers field day competition thing?? Than to volleyball practice…Wish me luck : )

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3 Responses to Movin and groovin

  1. Sharon Weimer says:

    Sounds like your next few months will have lots of activity and a family feeling. Should make it feel more like home. Volleyball, that will keep you busy. Are you still on your exercise regiment? With snow on the ground that might be hard to keep up. Hard to run on snow and ice.

    Keep having fun and don’t work too hard. Love ya, Girl.

  2. Leasa says:

    I def. want to hear the HOT mess host family story…sounds like drama. Good to hear you are living in a house that is full of energy and where you feel welcomed. That will be good for the heart. Also, very nice to hear that you are able to play some volleyball. Nothing better than a volleyball in hand to make you feel at home. Let’s skype soon! Love you, Leasa

  3. jules says:

    Hey girlie,
    Love your stories~ even the AWKWARD ones…. and so happy that you are fitting in so easily. Glad that vball is a big part of your life there too and that your host sis will keep you on your game!! The fact that the Kazakh’s like to entertain is also wonderful. Nothing better than family, friends, food and laughter….
    Love you and miss you~ jules

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