Things that make you go hmmm???

-I was going for a run the other day, and as I was about to run over the bridge there was a large herd of sheep being forced to cross the bridge. I was planning on just kinda staying back and taking the time to catch my breath. Thats when I saw the boy motion in my direction…I looked around… he was motioning to me!! So I shook my head ‘no thanks, sorry’ and looked really confused, yet he obviously felt confident in my sheep herding skills. So there I was on a bridge in Kaz ‘herding’ some sheep. I didn’t have a camera handy. They did make it across though!! Yay success!!

-In Kazakhstan you can go from blah to oorahhh in like 2 seconds. Like finding your favorite salad in the market after a starving all day. Or reaching the end of the honeymoon period of placement and being blah and then chatting with your pops on Skype for 2 hours and feeling like you can take on the world. Or seeing my beautiful and super wise mother on Skype and all of the goodies she got for me! I’m so proud of both of you! Or having the captain of the girls basketball team invite you to hang out and watch the boys play in a competition.

– Oh speaking of goodies… I could use some sermon cd’s!! There is unfortunately  no churches in Sarkand. Look at the goodies tab for more : )

-Back to the hmmm’s: Weddings on Wednesdays? (But I’m invited so bring it on!)

– Th requirement to wear skirts to school everyday.

– People speaking in Kazakh… : )

– Even with the ups and downs… still loving every single minute of this once in lifetime opportunity.

Love you all!!

Miss  you and think about you often… Please don’t forget that I LOVE getting packages, emails, phone calls, and text messages.


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4 Responses to Things that make you go hmmm???

  1. Schanell says:

    “It takes courage to go against the opinions of our friends and family in forging a new identity for ourselves. We want the acceptance and approval from those we admire. However, our hearts express who we really are, not what other people think we are, or what your circumstances force you to be. Our thoughts have created what is in our heart, determining the things we do, the way we feel, and why we act the way we do”—-My mom is one smart lady!!

  2. Kristen Kelly says:

    Hey, you can listen to Pathways right on line if you want to. They are awesome.

  3. Teri Owen says:

    If your internet connection is fast enough (can only imagine where you are how slow and sporatic it may be), then you can download Mississippi Avenue BC podcasts of Mitch Hamilton’s sermons. In fact, you can watch it live at their website, but it would be at 11:30 PM for us. 🙂
    How far away are you from Taldikorgan? I know that there is an American family working there (aquaintances). I could try to find contact information so you could have some fellowship. I know that this is one of the harder sides of PC. Let us know if we can help with anything!!!!

  4. Leasa says:

    The ups-n-downs you are experiencing are normal…a by-product of culture shock. But, soon enough the ups will not be as high and the downs will not be as low and your mood will stabilize as everything around you becomes more normal. Your awareness of these highs/lows is really healthy. Keep on exploring life. Leasa

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