What’s Crackin in Sarkand

School is so cool. I have just been observing so far this week. Its be enjoyable, a bit scattered, but great overall. On Monday I was told to speak in Kazakh in front of the whole school. Yikes!! I don’t even like making speeches in English….So I said my name, where I’m from, and that I like to play volleyball. I made it through with only a couple chuckles from the crowd. Unfortunately all of the people in Sarkand now think I speak fluent Kazakh, which means they talk to me really really fast in Kazakh everywhere I go.

Good news: I got to play volleyball!!!! Word on the street is that I’m a ‘Master’. Ha yeah right. OH and today I get to play basketball. I’m hoping to coach or something at some point?

What else… It’s almost Thanksgiving!! My co-teacher asked me about Thanksgiving and told me there aren’t any turkeys in Sarkand. Sad. BUT there are a ton of pumpkins, so me and Abby may make a pie or two. Hmmm oh I made a pizza for my host family on Sunday. They hated it. And were pretty darn honest about that fact. Whatever…more for me : )

The Abmiester (Abby) and I are training for the Greece Marathon 2011. First off Abby is a bad-ass and I’m so proud of her. Secondly, all of you reading this should immediately start training and meet me in Greece November 2011. Deal? NO, but seriously. We have been running in Sarkand and getting very interesting looks from all of the locals, getting chased by rabid dogs, and going to school very stinky due to the fact we get one shower a week. With that said I don’t want to hear any excuses! Get training and I’ll see you in a year…


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7 Responses to What’s Crackin in Sarkand

  1. Teri Owen says:

    Hey lady, glad to hear that things are going well. Clint is a Sports Consultant here in the city so we would LOVE to hear more about the coaching basketball thing and playing volleyball etc. Wish we had more time to talk about this. Guess I could call or something….anyway, very impressed that you are running. I always getting so many stares that I try to go when I know not many people will be out. Of course, it will start getting colder soon. Then what will you do? Just curious as I am trying to find more ways to exercise when it gets colder. As for the marathon….enjoy! My 10K training about did me in. šŸ™‚ Let us know if you need anything!

  2. One shower a week!! I am so glad you are embracing this journey and you are able to play volleyball. Gods continued blessings to you.

    Love MOM

  3. Susan says:

    You are a “master” volleyball player and coach. Sure hope you get a team!
    We just finished tryouts ~ an ordeal like no previous season. We’re fielding 7 full teams so that’s good but not good enough.
    Miss you bunches. So glad you’re enjoying your time and adventures . . . love reading every detail!

  4. Rosalie says:

    Wow so great to hear you have plans while you away! Sounds like you are making some great experiences to be had besides the Peace Corps itself. One shower a week! I can’t believe…have you been able to try that dry shampoo stuff? Not sure if we can ship more but I can ask!
    Thanks again for another fun update, Rosalie

  5. Sharon and Bob says:

    Sounds like you are keeping yourself busy. Running is great for the soul. Thank goodness you have someone to run with. You can stay fit and ease the mind all in one activity. BBand VB? Great, but not sure about the one shower a week. That really keeps you in the whole European culture as they seem to not shower as often as we do in the US.

    Thanks for keeping us informed. Take care and we love you.

  6. Leasa says:

    Great post! I was laughing my booty off reading this. I love that they think you speak their language fluently. I am sure you are getting good and saying “yes” in their language with a cool smile and lot of head nodding…as if you know what they are telling you. Ha, ha. Considering that they eat horse, I understand why they do not have a taste for pizza…they like it “horsey”. And, volleyball…maybe you can coach some of the local kids. That would be cool. Are you the tallest person in Sarkand? Love you, keep the stories coming. Leasa

  7. jules says:

    Wow~ between volleyball, basketball ….and a marathon…you will be the “Total Master”. I am sure the kids are sooooo excited to have someone of your sports caliber among them. And a marathon in Greece~ wow, a place I hope to some day ‘saunter’ through…Leasa may be able to give you some good tips on marathon training since she did the Chicago twice. I am sure the fluency thing will work itself out…there are still a few words from my time in South Korea that I use rather than English words, so hopefully the kids will keep you on your wordsmithing game!! And maybe some “horse”radish on the pizza next time!! he he Love you ~ julie

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