Current Location: Boulder, Kazakhstan

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Where do I even begin… What a whirlwind the past couple months have been. It was just yesterday that I was sitting in the Denver airport waiting to depart for Washington DC seriously doubting if I would even get on the plane. I was a hott mess. (Christy that sentence is for you) I luckily got on the plane to DC, but knew full well I would have a couple days in DC to seriously reconsider that decision. I was the one in the group that I’m sure everyone thought would ET (early terminate) about 2 minutes after arriving in Almaty. I’m not going to lie but at that point I would have totally agreed with them.

Then we started training. Some days consisted of 8 hours of Kazakh language, which sadly you would not be able to tell by my current communication skills, or lack thereof. But something crazy happened when I got to my village, met the wonderful Kazakh people, and started teaching at school… I absolutely fell in love with it. (This was a surprise for me) Not only that, I felt completely content…Like this was exactly where I needed to be. I remember a couple conversations with friends and family where I would have to stop and just marvel at the fact that I was actually in Kazakhstan, talking on a cell phone with my dad or whoever in the states, working for Peace Corps, peeing in a hole, teaching English, eating horse, meeting some of the most amazing people I’ve ever met…just to name a few.

The days flew by and I know that this 2 years is going to go even quicker, so I’m just going to try to breath it all in!… remind me of that when its January, freezing, and I’m stuck inside. Thanks : )

Now I am in Sarkand. It reminds me of Boulder, Colorado because its tucked up right by a beautiful mountain range, has river running through the center of town, and lots of trees. My counterpart Nurgul is great! Today we went to visit the mayor (Akim)and the police, the Abai School I will be teaching at, and then we went shopping. She is hilarious…she was asking my opinion on a yellow turtleneck, socks, and we wondered around looking for butter. It was fun chatting with her. She apparently sells Mary Kay and Oriflame on the side… busy lady!

I got an address where I can send mail…I hope. Basically the address below is for the Kazpost office in Sarkand. You can send it to the office, they ‘lock’ it up in the back office, and I go with my passport or any form of identification to pick it up.  Scary. But that’s whats crackin with that….

So the address is:Maybe send letter first to make sure it works??? and write it in Russian… I will translate soon..


Almaty Oblast

Sarkand Region


Tauelsizdik Street N 114


Attn: Schanell Neiderworder

Let me know if and when you send it so I can go check each week to see if its arrived.


-School Supplies: Markers, Stickers, lined notebooks, wall posters/pictures (English related),


-Taco Seasoning—



– Anything girly for my host mom and counterpart, and stuff a 13-year-old boy would like. Ha

-One of those artificial sunlight things! There is only like 8 hours of sun a day.

-Adapter for my computer so I can hook up the phone line to my ethernet jack. Stupid mac only has ethernet not just a phone jack.

-Can someone send me GRE study materials? And maybe email me some information on Public Health Grad Schools that don’t need GRE : )

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5 Responses to Current Location: Boulder, Kazakhstan

  1. Christy Schlottman says:

    Haha…hott mess. Miss you! Glad to hear you have plenty of Cholula. Oh, and running water & Internet.

  2. Rosalie says:

    Wow! Amazing photos…they are so beautiful! I’m so glad to hear how well you have settled into your role in the Peace Corps and being in Kazahkstan. It’s always inspiring to hear how God has pushed you right into this place he had prepared for you and now you’re going to do his work just as he had planned all along! Miss you and wishing you a great end to 2010!

  3. mary miller says:

    Beautiful…the Lord has been good to you…one never knows what the future hold but God dose and aren’t we glad!!! I’m so proud of you and happy that your enjoying this exciting time in your life…and to top it off you are making a difference to so many were you are. Keep giving us old stick in the mud’s a view from “life in your eyes”.

    Love ya Gods Blessings!!!!!!

    Mary and Randy

  4. Sharon and Bob says:

    So you have arrived and am settling in to your new future in Peace Corps. Loved the pictures. I understand from your mom that you need to wear professional clothes. Do they make black thermals to wear under skirts? I’m so happy that you are happy. I hope the services are better at your new locatiion. Stay well and know that all of us back home are so glad that you are doing what you want and contented with your decision. Love ya Girl!

  5. jules says:

    Wow, the whirlwind sounds like just what you needed!!!! I am oh so happy that you have possibly found your calling with the adventure of having no clue what you have just signed up for….but once arriving, soaking in as much as you possibly can with eyes wide open!!! You are awesome. Love you~ jules

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