1 month down… 26 to go!

Holy Moly!!! Its already been a month! I taught 2 lessons this past week and even with a classroom full of blank stares I loved it!! I have a class of 6th graders and this week I’ll have both 6th and 7th.

Kazakh language is coming along slowly… but I’m getting really good at acting things out! I feel like there is so much to tell, but I don’t know where to start. Hmm.. well we skipped fall and went right to winter. Its cold and rainy. We are going on a site visit next week. Meaning we’ll go stay with a current volunteer for a couple days to see what its like. I think I have like a 8 hour train ride to meet up with them. Saweet.

I ate a piece of sheep right off the bone yesterday. It was nasty. Come to find out the the fat looking stuff with the potatoes was stomach. ha

Thanks for the packages/letters/prayers/support!! It really is a huge blessing. You are all amazing!

Check out me and Abby in Almaty!!

What do you all want to know??? Suggestions for future posts welcome. And I’ve updated the goodie list : ) (Tap at top of blog)

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5 Responses to 1 month down… 26 to go!

  1. Christy Schlottman says:

    Love the pic! Miss you & am so, so glad to hear you’re loving it!

  2. Doing what you love is the cornerstone of having abundance in your life. Wayne Dyer

    I am glad you are having a great time. We miss you…

  3. GF Dale says:

    I am glad you are still there and have not tried to return in someone’s suitcase. Don’t forget to let the kids act out with the words. Make it as fun as you can, they will like having you there. What is it that you could use? Tootsie Pops? Stickers? A vacation to the beaches the Mediterranean Sea? Do any bike riding?

  4. Leasa says:

    Love the jumping photos! I want more…I would love to hear what a day in the life of Schanell looks, feels, smells like. Where do you live? How are the local people responding to you (as a tall white woman, and an American)? So many questions…keep the posts coming. Lots of love righatcha! Leasa

  5. Kristen Kelly says:

    Love the blog, keep on updating us and adding pictures. I love it. It would be really cool also to hear about the impact you are having on your students. I know you might not feel comfortable bragging – but I really want to hear it. XOXOXO Kristen

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