Keepin it real in Tusdybastau…

I’m alive, well, happy, and learning sooo much! I am currently sitting in a closet with 7 computers, a boy spitting in my face, and someone smoking, and yet I am soooo happy to have internet and be able to say hello!!!

Well I am living in a village close to Almaty with a awesome family of 4. I have my my own little apartment/house dealio and a lovely toliet/hole in the ground. No running water, but I have electricity and watch russian news from time to time.

There is sooo much to tell, but I don’t even know where to begin…. Well my initial reservations are gone and I’m excited for this new journey. I feel very comfortable and have moments where I am walking or doing whatever and go…" I am in Kazakhstan… I am in the Peace Corps…. Weird." Its nuts. I am learning Kazak and feel like in the short time being here have picked it up really quickly… so thats good. There are cows and donkeys that roam the street. Just yesterday we saw a boy chasing a cow who had its feet tied up. It was like Kaz cow tipping… kinda sad… but I laughed. I eat a lot of apples. no but seriously. Well for now at least… it was 50 degrees last night and snowing in the mountians. Mountains!!! So beautiful here!!! OH man…. Wish I could upload a photo or two… next time.

Thank you to everyone who sent letters and postcards!! I got a batch of them the other day and it was awesome!!!

+77055754529 thats my phone number if you ever want to call or text!!

Miss you all…. Come visit!! : )

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13 Responses to Keepin it real in Tusdybastau…

  1. Christy says:

    So excited to hear from you! Very glad you’ve adjusted and have electricity with winter coming! Miss you so much! I’m trying to figure out Skype but it’s tiling the number is invalid-will have to research further.

  2. Susan says:

    So glad to hear all is well and that you have electricity! Guess the hole in the ground would mean you’re in that mud hut Taylor refered to. πŸ™‚
    We’re getting ready for the upcoming season. So much to do!
    Miss Liliana arrived (finally) yesterday. She certainly took her time making the
    grand entrance.
    Miss you bunches!
    Can’t wait to hear of more adventures!

  3. erin weaver says:

    This does sound like a great adventure for you! I knew you would end up doing great things. God has certainly blessed you and the people you u will serve. Good luck wherever you may be.

  4. All my love and prayers ~ MOM

  5. Derald says:

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you! Can’t wait to see the pictures of the countryside.

  6. Holly says:

    So glad to hear you’re doing well!!! We need to talk soon!

  7. mary miller says:

    Glad to hear your doing so well…can’t say I’m surprised. It must be that positive spirit and the adventurer in you.Take care and thanks for keeping us all informed…Love and Prayers coming your way…Randy and Mary

  8. Kristen Kelly says:

    So cool to hear that you are loving the Corps. Kaz sounds pretty cool as well. Missing you here, we just started a study on the book of Ruth. Hoping to send you one. Have a great day and keep us posted.
    xoxo Kristen

  9. Sharon and Bob says:

    Saw some of message on Facebook. I bet getting used to the food is a challenge. It will slowly grow on you. Apples are good. I hope you brought warm clothes. It will get cold there. Snow already? Yes, those toilets are hard to master and get used to or not. We are great. Bobby’s Bday today. We are celebrating it from a distance. I called, but no answer. Julie moves into her new home next weekend. We spent three nights in Steamboat. Cool and fantastic. Leasa is in Tennessee with Charlie this weekend. She’s taking a break from taking her Comps.
    W e hope all is good. Sounds like you are adjusting. Just know that we all love you and wish you the best. Keep in touch when you can. I’m sure all your friends and family are keeping you in their prayers, and looking forward to your emails. LOL πŸ™‚

  10. Michelle says:

    Knew you would settle in … glad to hear you know you made the right decision!!

    Praying for you, Michelle

  11. Rosalie says:

    So great to hear from you Schanell! I’ll be sure to pray that the apple season lasts a long time in Kazakhstan, haha. Can’t wait to hear where you’re off to next and what you’re internet access is like.
    God Bless!

  12. jules says:

    Yeah!! So happy that you are happy. I am glad to hear that it is beautiful there and that you are picking up on the culture and language. What an amazing adventure you are living!!!
    Love, jules

  13. Sharon and Bob says:

    September 15, 2010——Hi Girl!!!! I found a couple of quotes that you might find inspiring 1. Always follow your heart-it’s never wrong. 2. Find your passion and feed it. Know that I think of you often and hope that everything is working out for you. From your last entry it sounded like you were being inspired and happy. Sure hope that is the case. I know whatever you put your mind to you will accomplish. Your shining face will inspire others and time will fly by. Love you GIRL πŸ™‚
    Your aunt, Sharon

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