Clinging– flailing– falling–bellyflop!

I am in DC. Georgetown to be exact. It is nice here. There is a Whole Foods, beautiful running trails, awesome coffee shops, people from all over the world, humidity, and on a not so nice note… cockroaches… in my towel. Gross.

I don’t know about this. 2 years is a seriously long time!! All of the volunteers, trainees to be politically correct, I have talk to are calm as could be and super excited. I am actually one of the older trainees in the group, and to be honest not super excited. Picture this: Its kinda like I’m on the edge of a diving board, about to jump, but suddenly I realized how far down it was and now I am flailing my arms to catch myself….

I leave tomorrow. I will go. In part due to the fact that I know this is what I am meant to be doing, also in part due to the fact that I’m a group leader. Self-volunteered group leader.Now I know that I have a responsibility to get 10 other people there safely and on-time.

A lot of you have said that I am brave and courageous. Not so sure of that at the moment. But I am willing. I love to serve others. Traveling is cool. People are cooler. And God is big, awesome, and faithful.

I think I’ll just rest for a moment on this quote:

“If we’re growing, we’re always going to be out of our comfort zone.”


Love you all!

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3 Responses to Clinging– flailing– falling–bellyflop!

  1. Bob Frauman says:

    Sooooooooo proud of you!! To be nervous, is normal. You’re out of your comfort zone. You’ll be fine, God goes before you & you’re amazing, incredible, & awesome.

  2. Kristen Kelly says:

    Of course you are nervous. And don’t let those other trainees fool you, they are too, they may just be better at hiding it. Take a deep breath and dive in my friend, the water is just right!
    Safe travels.

  3. jules says:

    I had the same reservations when I went off to Korea. There were tough moments and very tough moments….but those moments made the good ones even more special. Something that I found to help with the rough times was to write my thoughts down on a piece of paper, rip the paper into many pieces and “let them go”. You are stronger than you think! Love you~ jules

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