I was just thinking a bit about my adventure to Cape Town and the eager anticipation I felt as I took a dive into the unknown. In my first blog post of that journey I talked about, Kairos, a word/idea that has greatly influenced my life.  If you want to read the complete blog go to

Cliffs notes version: Kairos is a time, not measured by the clock, where God has chosen “the right moment” or the “opportune” time. Its the time when your old comfort zone, your old ideas, your old relationships, your old images of God, and your old ways of thinking are shaken up. Everything is turned upside down. The “old” does not work anymore. You enter a crisis, an opportunity, to forge new ideas, new relationships, new images of God, new ways to think about old ideas. You build a new comfort zone.

So I am entering into a new Kairos moment/season. However, I  have to say that this time around is a bit different. I feel an overwhelming peace, yet at the same feel inadequate, under-qualified, terrified, and maybe even a bit unprepared. Luckily I have some amazing friends and family that have come alongside to encourage, support, and give me the necessary kick in the butt.

Thank you to all of you wonderful people in my life!! I will miss you all!

“God sometimes gives us more than we can handle, so that we can learn to totally trust and rely on Him.”– Pops

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4 Responses to Peace

  1. Mary Miller says:

    Just a reminder… when we are at our weakest God is at His strongest and He will never let you down!!! Rely on His strength and you can go through anything…the good and the ugly!!!! God bless you girl, we look forward to reading more about this time in your life!!! Love Mary and Randy

  2. Rose says:

    Good post today ! Your dad is a pretty wise man, but your Heavenly Father is always in control. Look forward to reading your future posts. Take care. Rose

  3. Kandy says:

    Yay!! Good luck lady! I’ll be thinking about you and sending you lots of love and positivity all day tomorrow! I am in awe of you… 🙂

  4. Kristen Kelly says:

    Love today’s post. Makes me want to shake things up here also. Miss you already, have a safe trip there, learn a lot, have an amazing time impacting lives and then get back home.
    XOXO Kristen

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