I don’t know how many more days… but it ain’t many


I hope your enjoying this nice warm weather here in good ole’ Colorado!

Well the time is approaching… I know this is true because I am packing up my oh so cute and lovely apartment and moving back in with the folks (They can’t seem to get rid of me yet). Recently I have been having a ton of fun and living in a little bit of what we will call  ‘denial-land’. Meaning that instead of packing and preparing I have chosen to go hiking, biking, singing, and dancing all throughout my final days. Now I am hunkering down… kinda.

Today I read through the welcome book and found out my address for training! So if you have any goodies to send in the first 4 months or so thats where you should send it.

Schanell Neiderworder PCT

Peace Corps

P.O. Box 257

050022 Almaty


Also, I’m searching for a good medium sized hiking backpack, ‘business casual’ clothes, and some hiking conversion pants. So if you have any lying around or know of a good discount place to find some let me know!

Lots of Love!!

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