I stopped counting… and got boxes

Hey all,

So I’m done with the countdown to Kazakhstan.. it stresses me out.

I went to South Dakota this past weekend. It was super fun. I beat my Uncle Dale, aka No-Nuts, on the golf course. : ) Listened to all of the great Christian bands in 3 days. Artists like Jars of Clay, Addison Road, Barlow Girl, NEEDTOBREATH, Sanctus Real, and many more! Amazing.

I have found a balance. I think. At least for the time being. Maybe I’m just waiting in line for the next roller-coaster ; )

I also got boxes today. Packing is a must…. well next week : )

Have a good day

—->Does anyone have a backpack for mulit-day hiking trips? I have a giant one, but need a medium one for KAZ. Let me know

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2 Responses to I stopped counting… and got boxes

  1. Kristen says:

    Great post Schanell. I also LOVE DC Talk.

  2. Schanell says:

    The new lead singer for Newsboys is the old DC talk! He was great!

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