Snow-globes and marshmallows.

I’ve been listening to sermons on Moses. Like the “let my people go” Moses from the Bible. Not the dude who built the arc… that’s Noah. Anyways. The more I listen to Moses and his interactions with God, the more I think to myself, “Hey… I am kinda like him.” NOT in the God appeared to me in a burning bush, chose me to lead people out of Egypt, write the 10 Commandments kind of way, but in the disagree with God and shy away from His call on my life kind of way. (Yay for run-on sentences that make sense only in my head.)

Cliff notes of Exodus 3-4: God appears to Moses in burning bush. God tells Moses to go to Pharaoh and tell him to let the captive Israelites go. Moses says…

10 Moses said to the Lord, “Pardon your servant, Lord. I have never been eloquent, neither in the past nor since you have spoken to your servant. I am slow of speech and tongue.”

11 The Lord said to him, “Who gave human beings their mouths? Who makes them deaf or mute? Who gives them sight or makes them blind? Is it not I, the Lord? 12 Now go; I will help you speak and will teach you what to say.”

13 But Moses said, “Pardon your servant, Lord. Please send someone else.”

Now that you are sufficiently bored or confused. Let me explain….Oftentimes I have conversations in my head that go a little like this, “No way am I supposed to be doing this! I am not qualified/worthy/tough enough….blah blah blah”…..I ask questions like why am I here? Should have hired someone else? Questions kinda like Moses posed to God. Maybe some of you do the same thing??

Over the past couple days…. I have been reminded that God is sovereign.

I make known the end from the beginning, from ancient times, what is still to come. I say, ‘My purpose will stand, and I will do all that I please.’ Isaiah 46:10 

In this crazy life we live, remember to find rest in Him. God is in control.

In other news:

1. I got a puppy! She’s the best.  Her name is Nala. She is a nut just like me. puppy2. I still dislike Christmas music.

Merry Christmas. Go drink some coffee and dance (Not at the same time… that could be dangerous).


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Sentimental Sundays.

Where in the world is Schanell? That’s the name of this blog. So I figured I should give an update after five months of silence. Lucky you. Ready for some terrible grammar, pointless stories, mixed together with some comical self-deprecation? Fabulous. Me too.


I am sitting here at Wash Perk and have witnessed two very awkward first dates. It’s painful to watch. No that’s a lie….it’s hilarious. Then I was wondering for the longest time why people are looking at me…. I realized it’s because I have this shirt on. Keeping it real.


To be perfectly honest I really don’t feel like blogging; however, I am moving and felt it fitting for an update. Quick back-story…. My landlord sold the house I live in to another lady. This new lady has decided to make the house a pot friendly vacation rental; therefore, does not want someone with my profession around. So she gave me 20 days to move. Sad. After nearly three years I have been forced to find a new place to live. I found a place in Golden, CO. Cool. I strongly dislike change. Remember that. Or don’t.

Seriousness: I’ve been reading this book on introversion. Yep. I am THAT nerdy. I have been told that in my profession I am going to struggle because of this trait (blah blah blah); however, this book is proving that may not be the case. Granted I will struggle regardless, but that’s not the point I’m making here.

Here are a couple of my favorite quotes so far: Skip to the bottom if you hate reading.


“We know from myths and fairy tales that there are many different kinds of powers in this world. One child is given a light saber, another a wizard’s education. The trick is not to amass all the different kinds of power, but to use well the kind you’ve been granted.”

“The trick for introverts is to honor their own styles instead of allowing themselves to be swept up by prevailing norms.”

“Now that you’re an adult, you might still feel a pang of guilt when you decline a dinner invitation in favor of a good book. Or maybe you like to eat alone in restaurants and could do without the pitying looks from fellow diners. Or you’re told that you’re “in your head too much”, a phrase that’s often deployed against the quiet and cerebral.

Or maybe there’s another word for such people: thinkers.”

-Susan Cain

Read more here –>(


Things that make you go hmmmm….

  1. Getting a charley horse in your ab muscle.
  2. Having 911 called on you as you are working because your lights on the car are flashing. Thank you “concerned citizen”.
  3. High School Reunions. Ten years! photo-61
  4. Habakkuk 2:2-3: God is good. 
  5. I got my first bar muscle up today, so I’m basically on my way to be a ninja.
  6. Peanut Butter Banana Hamburger for the win. Try it. You will thank me later.
  7. Go do something random today. I did. I met a lady named Melinda in the process.

Here’s to Sentimental Sunday: Rasta-Rilla Gorilla Run 2011. It was my dad’s idea.  🙂



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Pistols and Pancakes. Pew Pew.

I really like to blog. I really dislike proofreading my blog…. so I don’t. Anyways I haven’t blogged in about 11 weeks. Or longer? I can’t count. I was basically told that I couldn’t for safety reasons or something?? That is silly. Almost as silly (pathetic/lame) as writing a blog on a Friday/Saturday night. Almost. However, I am sitting here with my good friend Christy at Hooked on Colfax in, yes you guessed it, comfy gym clothes. Glorious. I am a happy happy happy girl (shameless Duck Dynasty plug).photo-58


I just stalked my friends on Facebook who are on the coolest dates right now. Example: A friend of mine took his datto  Fogo De Chao…. best date decision ever bro. You are a stud.  I am a creeper. Gosh.

Here are some of the most random things I’ve learned in the past 11 weeks:

1. Fighting UFC style is badass.

2. Guns are NOT scary. Pistols and Pancakes on saturday mornings makes for a good day of fun.

3. When taking #hashtags out of context, make sure to put your big kid panties on.

4. I fail at a lot of things. Communication being one of them. But guess what… Jesus loves me still…. He loves you too! That’s enough for me.

5. Read this girls blog. I want to be her best friend.

6. This dude is legit. I inherited my coolness from him.



Buy rollerblades.

Try something new.

Stop reading this stupid post.

Have a great weekend!!!!

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You Matter.

Story time: It was freshmen year at UCF and my roommate/teammate and I had been searching for a church and she mentioned she found one that we should try.  At the time Summit Church was meeting in a school cafeteria; Isaac was the pastor and we instantly felt connected to the Summit community. Freshmen year was rough and I remember days just feeling blah. Our volleyball team was struggling and I am pretty sure we lost EVERY game that year. Rough. The weeks that we were in town we made sure to go to church and hear Isaac preach. He would always say, “Relationships matter. Truth matters. What you do with your life matters. You matter”. Those words, the relationships built, and the truth spoken during that time profoundly impacted my life.

My pastor Isaac took his life a couple weeks ago. There is a lot more to why and all that jazz, but I just want to land on one point. I am saddened that he forgot that he mattered. Here are some blog posts that are way better then mine on Isaac:

This. and/or this. Then watch this.

I guess I say all this to remind you that YOU MATTER. So much.


It’s Christmas time so I will try to wrap this up in a nice way, but did you know that Colorado has the highest suicide rate in the country? Yep. Read about it here…….

Okay so TODAY and everyday try to remind someone that they matter. Deal?

Okay I will now awkwardly attempt to change the subject….

Hope everyone has a good Christmas!

You are welcome for the poor grammar and spelling.

Word to the wise… Don’t do a hang clean at your max weight without proper form. I need a chiropractor and a brain.

Oh and Moe… I don’t think you read my blog, but thanks for encouraging me to go to church that Sunday.

Santa and I in Israel….


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Go to Israel.

Remember those pop-up books that we had as kids?  Well imagine that in real life except with the Bible and that is sorta what a trip Israel is like. Literally each day we stood, walked, worshiped, and prayed right where it all took place. It was amazing. That doesn’t even begin to describe the whole experience, but it’s the best I got right now. If you want the non-cliff notes version then we can get coffee and I’ll tell you all about it. Deal?

On a related note, I need to get some good pictures from that trip. I took silly photos and videos on my Iphone and just figured I would download everyone else’s quality photos; however, that has yet to happen so here are some of my silly shots: (Sorry if you follow me on Instagram, because these are the same photos).

564034_10102548541908432_789938357_nRolling Stones…. get it?

My old man turned the big 57 in ISRAEL!! That is real cool.


Aunty Marie and I….. somewhere??

My new friend Annie and I.


Best mustache of all time…


En Gedi Falls with the Pops.
1457533_10102548544253732_1987641890_nMy new job….


Hey where is Chuck??? Bobble head!!
1470391_10102548540136982_762025626_nThe whole crew. Trip of a lifetime.

Now onto the next adventure!

For now that looks like finding a new place to live because my landlord is selling the house!?!?!? Sad. Driving my new 4wd in the mountains during wintertime because I got in a nice little wreck… poor Scotty…. Crested Butte here I come!


And likely some other adventures that have yet to be confirmed.  Stay tuned.


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Real Men, Love Jesus.

I was tempted to hashtag that title but then I realized I am 27, and I am far to old to do that. Just ask my knee, ankle, and lower back.  #oldwomanbones <— just had to do it.

Well I’m sure most of you heard about Tim Tebow. If not, get with the program and watch ESPN. What I want to talk about is how he handled his ‘rejection’ of sorts. As he was being interviewed about his release from the Patriots, he said something that really struck me….

“I’m blessed, because of my faith, that I don’t have to worry about the future because I know who holds my future. It’s something I try to live by. It really gives you a lot of peace in whatever circumstance I’m in.”-Tim Tebow

Golly. That is impressive. I sure do hope that the next time I face rejection, uncertainty about the future, or any type of disappointment I can honestly say that, “I will be okay because I know who holds my future”…. Hope and trust in Jesus. Always. Way to go Tebow… now come back to Denver.

In other unrelated and unexciting news….. It is September. That means it’s almost time for a trip to Crested Butte. Well not really, but I will take any reason to go up there….Who’s with me?

Alright well get back to work. And just because I couldn’t resist… enjoy this gem.


AND… don’t we make a great couple! Both athletic, both love Jesus…. haha. Jk.



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Life is more like a pinata than a box of chocolates….

Hey people. How are you? Have you missed me? Yeah I didn’t think so.

Big things are happening!! After a whole year and a half of working graveyards, I have moved back to the land of the living. It is amazing to sleep in the nighttime. Well its nice to just sleep. I have taken the foil off my windows, so my neighbors no longer think I am a weirdo. Well maybe they do? I also got internet! Movin on up…. too bad I never use it.  The fact is that change is a comin. We all know how much I love change… NOT. Other recent changes…  I’m a year older. I shaved 1.5 minutes off my Diane time in less than a month, and I am not engaged anymore. (Sorry I was still getting congrats just today and I need to let the masses know somehow)…. Tacky. Less tacky then a Facebook post. Whatever. Most importantly… my pops got me a espresso maker for my world emergence day (birthday). It has changed my life. Well actually it’s killed my social life, but who needs one of those anyways.

You might be wondering why I think life is like a pinata, or you might not. If you are, continue reading…If not, have a good day : )

Remember when you were a kid and got ready to play the pinata game at some kids birthday? Remember the anticipation of gathering all of the delicious candy off of the ground after someone successfully whacked the crap out of the pinata. Well as we all know it can be quite the hassle to get that pesky thing to break open. Often times it takes all of the kids whaling on the pinata multiple times for the darn thing to break open. However, when it does it is so awesome. Right?  How lame would it be if the parents, after many failed attempts, just stepped in and broke the pinata open with their hands and dumped out the candy. That spoils all of the fun.

Well I am learning that life is sorta like a game of pinata. Often times we try and fail. We get frustrated when it feels like there is no progress being made. Or maybe we kinda feel like the pinata, taking whack after whack. You get the point. The really cool thing is that sooner (and, unfortunately, sometimes much later) the pinata breaks open. Whatever you may have been battling against or enduring is finally resolved and you understand what all of the struggle was for. So if your facing something that just seems like it will never be resolved or you feel like life is dealing some blows, just keep truckin along. Sooner or later things will sort themselves out.

Enough rambling from me… go out and do something fun.  Like rollerblading. Rollerblading through Denver is REAL fun. Dangerous. But fun.



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She’s a brick house…..

I think I would write more blogs if I didn’t think I would offend half the people I know. So I zip it up and just think about it. Well probably tell my pops about it…. then delete it from my ‘blog’ options. Yes… I think about what to blog a lot.

I need to get a life. 

I had an epiphany the other day.  Ready for this let down??? So….I was going on and on to my pops about how someone I know should go and try something and stop waiting for everything to be perfect blah blah blah (<—-this is the crap that will offend people).  Then I stopped and realized that most of the advice/crap I dish out I should probably listen to myself. Yuppp. I am a big projector-o-stuff-I-should-do-myself. Way to be Schanell. Golly. 

Oh more exciting news…. I found out where my people are from! Whoop. Ok no Leasa Weimer, my cool cousin, emailed me our family genealogy awhile back. Turns out that my great great great grandparents are from Trondheim, Norway. So I’m basically a Viking. Ok maybe not; however, it accounts for my man-hands and my brick-house shoulders. That is just weird to say. I am going to go there after the Israel trip. Stoked. Do I have any friends/family living there?? Holler at me if you live there and reading this blog. Please? I will visit! We will have fun!

Most exciting news!!! Leasa Weimer had a baby girl!!! Aspen is her name and I am so exited to meet her!!! I would have inserted a picture, but didn’t want to without permission. She’s really cute… I may have to pay royalties and we all know I can’t afford that : ) I am technically her second cousin, but that is boring to say. So I am the cool aunt. I am no longer the youngin in the family either!! Oohhh yeah I feel a wrinkle comin on. 

Yay for horrible grammar and spelling and blogging skills altogether. Bring it up with my editor. 

Advice of the week: Do NOT do 10 minutes of consecutive handstands. It hurts REAL bad. I’m only smiling for the photo. Promise. 

Keep it classy. 


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When reality shows become reality…

I am at a new coffee shop. It’s about 100 degrees. I’m sitting in direct sunlight. I ordered a hot americano. Winning. This place is cool though (in the non-literal sense of course). It’s called Black Eye Coffee Shop. I’ve always wanted a black eye. That would be badass. I digress. Check it out. It’s in the Highlands.

I have to admit something.  I watch the Bachelor and Bachelorette. Lame I know.  A new season just started and I watched the first episode last Tuesday. I am usually amped to watch this show on Hulu, but about two minutes into the first episode I noticed my feelings about this show have changed. Why you ask? Well relationships are no joke. Entering into them with ‘stupid-tinted’ glasses is just silly. Yes. I am saying that Desiree (the new bachelorette) is in love la la land. These dudes are basic strangers, living in a fairy-tale, traveling all over the world, all while their real lives are on pause. So of course you will get sucked up into love la la land. Then boom. Camera’s are off and things get real. Most of the relationships end. That’s no good. Face it f you don’t make sure all of your ducks are in a row, crap can get real messy. Truth. Trust me on that one.

In other news… I am on the move again!!! I finally can live up to the “Where in the world is Schanell” aspect of this blog. Stoked. This weekend I’m headed to the Butte. Next Glenwood Springs, and then off to good ole’ Orlando. Should be a good time. I’ll make sure to write of my adventures or bore you with stupid stories.

Get excited.

Wear sunscreen. Drink iced coffee. Run ONLY when chased.



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Reel Good.

I just got done passing out fliers at the Colfax Marathon. My time walking around talking to people as they finish the race only reinforces my “love” of running. Seriously people who would pay $150+ dollars to run around for 26.2 miles? On Colfax? You people are crazy. I’m going to stick to lifting heavy things.

Currently I am at the Perk listening to some kid scream at the top of her lungs. OMG. Birth control. Take your child to the park. Kids don’t need coffee. Promise. 

I went deep sea fishing recently. It was amazing. I caught a Mahi Mahi. I ate its cousin. Yum. If you ever have been deep sea fishing you know that it is no joke. Your just trolling along and then BAM! Strap in and get ready to go. Throw on a belt, hook in the rod and get to work.

Most of my fisherman/fisherwoman friends know that there are times when the fish pulls more line out….thats annoying.  Times when you can reel it in a bit…even though it feels like an inch. Then there are times when you just have to hold on for dear life, and hope the little bugger won’t drag you off the boat. But more times then not you reel it in and it makes all the hard work worth it. 

Where are you now in your life? Are you holding on dear life? Are you making some progress? Or does it feel like life is pulling you around a bit? Wherever you may be, accept it. Knowing that all things will work out for good. Focus on the truth. It likely won’t be easy, but it is always worth it. 

Well have a great day! 

Go rollerblading, stroll around a farmers market, or better yet… Grab a rod and go fishin! 




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